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hi all........Tosh brilliant at BL club last evening......can't beat live music.  hope to check out jazz at Con club soon.


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Mark A
Glad you enjoyed it Jenny. Tosh is always enjoyable. We had to leave at half time unfortunately. Probably saw you there (were you line dancing perhaps)
This Friday night sees John Ward playing solo at Shad Fox. Usually superb although no Club prices. But a lovely little pub run by really nice people (and some decent beers too). Music quality won't be in question thats for sure.
Worth a taxi ride if you can't find a dezzy driver.
Michael F
Hello folks,
I run the Footwarmers Jazz Band. We play on the last Sunday of every month at the Con Club. Next one is different date because of Christmas and so we will be playing next Sunday 23rd 1200 - 1500. The players vary from month to month, the only constant being me(clarinet) and the rhythm section. We don't rehearse but it mostly works out ok. The music is a mixture of standards and some trad jazz, the mixture depending on who is playing. We have a lot of regulars so some people seem to like it. There's no entrance fee, just booze at the bar and burgers(most of the time).  No politics is involved. The band players are there to enjoy themselves and we hope the punters do too. They seem to.
Nick G
Is that the Conservative Club?
Jenny S
to Mike F  firstly, when is Jan date then as this sun spoken for, please and thank you.    and A HAPPY, PEACEFUL CHRISTMAS to all streeters (?) and may 2013 be good to you all.
Janet F
Yes, a very good Beccles opportunity to hear jazz at lunchtime. Thanks to Mike and band for all the great sessions in 2012. Happy Christmas.
Was at the jazz today and although it is not my preferred type of music it was absolutely brilliant. As mike says in his post, the composition of the players is mixed, today a chap by the name of Ray turned up and joined the others playing his trumpet, upon looking him up on the net it turns out that he was for nearly 20 years the principal trumpeter for the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra-not bad for Beccles on a Sunday lunchtime.
Brenda A
The jazz was good again today at the con club, would not miss it for the world,they should have it more often.We all enjoy it.
Michael F
Hello folks,
glad you all enjoyed it. Ray is always in demand and is very generous with what time he does have spare. I've more or less fixed on the rhythm section and Bill on the piano as they are all excellent. I will get Ray when I can. Trumpet players are hard to find, but the trumpet is the best lead instrument for playing the tunes. I am always looking out for good trumpet players. 

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