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Car crashes into house<br><br>
I feel sorry for the people who live there - is there anythig we can help?

Does anyone know them? Have they got somewhere to live temporarly?


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Linda D
I have only just seen this as I have been out all day, the link to click on did not come up until I pressed 'comment', I hope they did recieve some help as it is a horrible thing to happen to an elderly couple any time; especially this close to Christmas.  It seems that this is what the site was meant for!!  I am surprised that no-one else has commented.!!

I appologise to anyone who has seen this and had clicked on the news article, but just didn't write about it.  I have not meant my comment as a slurr to anybody and  really could just mean that we need alot more people to join.
I heard about it this morning ay to work. I understand nobody seriously injured thank goodness. Do the people living in the bungalow need anything? Help? I hope they will not be out too long.

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