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Hi girls. Do you know how to make a henna painting on hands? Or is in the area this type of service? Thanks in advance for answerring


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Dee S
you can buy the stuff in a bag ready to "pipe" on, like icing a cake , you can also buy patterns to use, your best bet is to ask in the Asian sari shops or beauty parlours along Ilford Lane.Have no idea of the cost,
Lenka V
thank you for information :)
Lenka V
if someone else inneed of hena, then i saw it in hair saloon near Priestly Road bus stop and also hends for 8 pound are in the middle of Stratford small shopping mall.
Redbridge Institute
Hello from Redbridge institute.

We are running a short course "Introduction to Mendhi & Henna Skin Decoration" later in the year at the Mildmay Centre in Central Ilford. For more info follow the links if you would like to contact the Institute for more information  or, which gives some more details of the course we are planning to run in June

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