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Dangerous conditions in town

Tina P in Carbrooke
What is wrong with Watton's town council? After the comparatively unimportant controversy surrounding Christmasgate when they failed to fund some silly decorations we are now confronted with a real problem - snow and ice on Watton's side walks. The sensible marketeers stayed away this morning knowing that our treacherous walkways would deter most older people from their weekly perambulations between stalls and shopfronts. Apparently 2 old folks slipped and fell opposite the bread stall whose owner went to their aid. Luckily neither were seriously hurt. Let me make this unequivocal statement - anyone falling and injuring themselves should consider taking legal advice - no win no fee lawyers may be interested. Meanwhile I appeal (and have written) to the mayor to immediately organize a detail to  salt the sidewalks. That could be a much less expensive option for the council instead of facing a substantial claim for damages.   

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