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Dangerous conditions in town

What is wrong with Watton's town council? After the comparatively unimportant controversy surrounding Christmasgate when they failed to fund some silly decorations we are now confronted with a real problem - snow and ice on Watton's side walks. The sensible marketeers stayed away this morning knowing that our treacherous walkways would deter most older people from their weekly perambulations between stalls and shopfronts. Apparently 2 old folks slipped and fell opposite the bread stall whose owner went to their aid. Luckily neither were seriously hurt. Let me make this unequivocal statement - anyone falling and injuring themselves should consider taking legal advice - no win no fee lawyers may be interested. Meanwhile I appeal (and have written) to the mayor to immediately organize a detail to  salt the sidewalks. That could be a much less expensive option for the council instead of facing a substantial claim for damages.   


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Mr H
I agree but also it's not just walkways but side roads but I know from experience salt bins and gritters don't apply to all. Over the xmas non events I have learnt watton has a mix of people a lot who don't care and the others that do and then the anti social thugs.
Karen W
Hi, the pavements are like sheets of ice i fell over 5 times this morning. Who is responsible for pavements ? is it shop owners or town council ?
Mr H
I would say the shop owners should clear infront of there places as they want customers to still get there, the rest would be the local council but they will say there is no money for grit bins and then who would go out and put it down. Plus they would say dont go out unless you have to and there is home shopping and family and friends to get items for you, i have heard it all before and can only assume that from the xmas argument and from parking problems money will be the issue? and if a grit bin was put in place you know people would go and take it for there drive ways and to even sell. I just put normal salt down and it works well
Christine B
I moved away from Watton 2 years ago because of the very reason that Dylan has stated.  There is a diverse mix of people who don't care and the shame of it all is that when I lived there the pavements were good when we had icy weather.  The thing is if the shop owners cleared the pavements though and someone fell then they would have recourse to see a Solicitor for a no win no fee case but if they leave the pavements alone then no one can take them to court can they? I just don't go down to Watton much at all anymore.
Mr H
Did you experience many problems like we have and we have only been here 6 months and dont know anyone, but for some reason a few people have taken upon them selves to target us, We would like to think its not a case of homo phobia but you can never tell.
Christine B
Well Dylan yes we did have problems like you did and sadly you could well be right about a case of homo phobia as a lot of people still have the view that this is something that taboo.  Our problems were with certain people who took it upon themselves to terrorise us and knock on our door late at night and pee up against their buildings and take crack!! now is this the Watton that I wanted to live in? no I reported this happening and lo and behold nothing happened to help us. Shame is Watton is lovely.
Tina P
You're so right Christine - our laws are convoluted. Our esteemed mayor has informed me (predictably) it is not Watton's but the NCC's responsibility to render our walkways safe from slippage. What is more, and this is a tough one to take on board, they (NCC) claim there is sufficient over-spill of grit and salt from the roadways to de-ice the sidewalks in any town or village. Sure!! Look, if they are unable to de-ice the runways at Heathrow without hundreds of cancelled flights what hope has a tiny market town in Norfolk..

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