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I am getting fed up with these idiotic locals with no consideration setting off fireworks late at night. Still going after midnight last night. Sounded like a war zone. If they want a festival of lights fine but lights not bombs going off. Dont we have regulations about this for all not just for us. I know where I would like to stick their bangers and exploding fireworks.


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Spoony S
Law states that on new years eve, chinese new year and diwali night you can set fireworks off untill 1am. Bonfire night its midnight. As yesterday was diwali, people celebrating will take full advantage of the time that they are allowed to set fireworks off untill. In regards to consideration, im sure others feel the same way when people are settin off fireworks past 11pm on bonfire night, or past midnight on new years eve. So to put it in laymans terms, people dont make the law, they follow it.
Spoony S
Oh and another thing, im pretty sure you wouldnt be making a fuss had it been bonfire night or new years eve last night. Shame on you for thinking people dont see through exactly where your annoyance is coming from..
Dawn M
I was linked to this discussion by the Ilford Recorder on Twitter and I'd like to add my viewpoint too.

Last night was horrific.  I own three dogs and they were terrified all night.  As a dog owner I'm not much of a fan of fireworks anyway but this was something else.  They were professional display sized ones I'm sure and being let off on the green on Express Drive right in front of homes!  This is far too close and our windows were vibrating with the power of them!  Guy Fawkes night wasnt actually too bad this year (round here at least) but Diwali seems to be getting louder each year.  Why must these fireworks be so loud?  I think all fireworks should be kept to professional displays. 

Spoony S please do not suggest that this a racist rant, I am merely upset about the volume, intensity and duration of these fireworks.  NOT the festival they were celebrating.
Spoony S
Hey Dawn,

In regards to the fireworks being let of on the green, and far too close to homes, you should of called the police if you felt your or your property was in any danger..

In regards to why must these fireworks be soo loud, its something people need to take up with the goverment who set the limitations of the decibel which a firework can be produced and legally sold in the uk.

Like i said in my previous comment to david, the general public dont make the law.. If the law states you can buy a firework and set it off which is louder than 10 jumbo jets, then its not the people setting them off you need to be angry with..

I can clearly see your comment was not a racist rant, and was most welcome.
Spoony S
Example, the road which i live on has a speed limit of 40mph. I personally think that it is too fast of a limit for the road. I am not for a second angry with the drivers who drive down my road at 40mph as they are doing nothing wrong. My anger in this case is with the council who set that limit.
Every road user has a overriding duty to act safely.  If it isn't safe to drive at 40mph, the speed limit sign doesn't give you permission to go that fast.
Mark G

Possibly the biggest issue is not knowing when these events are likely to take place, maybe this will help:

  • In 2012, Diwali is on Tuesday, November 13.
  • In 2013, Chinese NY on Sunday, February 10, Diwali is on Sunday, November 3.
  • In 2014, Chinese NY on Sunday, January 31, Diwali is on Thursday, October 23. 
The day will eventually dawn when only professionally organised displays will be allowed, there are still far too many unnecessary accidents involving amateurs handling explosive devices. Health and Safety is for everyone, whatever colour,.race or creed they happen to be.

Different cultures have different beliefs and traditions, the fact is London has become a truly multi-racial and cosmopolitan society, it won't change, resistance is futile. We ALL need to learn to tolerate. Like it or not, it's what we have.

Oh, and Spoony "Like i said in my previous comment to david, the general public dont make the law.", that isn't quite the case. We elect Politicians to represent our opinions, they consider the law changes. If enough members of the public want the law changed and make their voices and opinions heard.....anything is possible. It's called "democracy".
Spoony S
First of all , Donkey, lets not get clever here, obviously the speed limit is the maximum you are permitted to drive at considering its safe to do so.. But in regards to the decibel limit of a firework legally allowed to be manufactured and set of at a time where you are well within the law to do so is a different scenario..

Mark G - the general public dont make the law, was speaking hypothetically.
Dawn M
I saw someone mention in the Recorder that they were sure they were louder than the legal limit and I'd agree but had no way to measure it.

We did actually call the police but they said there was nothing they could do.  It's over now at least... till New Years! Gah!

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