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Tonight at 7.00pm - WGCC - Planning Decision

Bruno K in Brondesbury

Thursday 21st February starts at 7.00pm in Brent Town Hall

Willesden Green Cultural Centre Planning Decision - Tonight

Planners will decide the fate of our Library and the construction of 94 flats tomorrow night at the Town hall.

Over 400 objections have been received and yet the council are still proposing to push it through planning.

The General public are welcome to attend so come along to the Town Hall at 6.30pm (starts 7pm sharp).

Willesden Green Library Centre is the only thing on the Agenda - so nothing else to sit through.

IF YOU CARE what happens in Willesden do come along - this will affect us all.

12/2924 = Demolition of existing library, loss of car park, 95 unaffordable flats

Thursday 21st February 2013          Time:   7.00pm

Place:   Brent Town Hall,  Forty Lane,  Wembley,  HA9 9HD   -  Committee Rooms 1, 2 and 3

The Application 12/2924 and 12/2925 have been put on the agenda for the Planning Committee.

The scheme is recommended for approval by the Planning officers

and there is a statutory consultee comment from the GLA. 

All interested members of the Public are allowed to attend the Planning Meeting at the Town Hall.

See link for further details:

Case Officer:   Andy Bates     020 8937 5228


· 1. The development would have a detrimental impact on the Willesden Conservation Area. The new library building will over-dominate the area.

· 2. The new building would lose the sense of openness towards the front of the site that the existing building provides for.

· 3. The loss of the open space to the front of the existing library is unacceptable in itself. It is well used by the community.

The proposed open space is hidden around the back of the new library building and will not be welcoming.

· 4. Loss of car park to the rear.

· 5. The residential element would provide for high-density accommodation in an already over-populated area.

· 6. Loss of bookshop.

· 7. The facilities in the new building will be less/worse than what is available at present. Existing building should be refurbished, not demolished.

· 8. The scheme should incorporate affordable housing.

· 9. No attempt to consult the community on the future of the site. The motives of the Council are questioned.

The proposal benefits the Council and the applicants with no benefit to the community.

· 10. The development will cause traffic problems in the area.

· 11. To knock a building down only 25 years after it was built is a waste of money.

· 12. The development would have an unacceptable impact on the existing residents because of its height and its location.

Certain residents have a “Right to light” protected by law, although as Members will be aware, these are not material planning considerations.

· 13., The residential element of the proposal is over dense. Too many flats are being proposed.

· 14. The changes to library services that the Council has undertaken recently mean that the new library here must actually be larger to compensate.

· 15. No consideration is being given to the cumulative impact of the developments in Willesden Green on services and infrastructure.

· 16. Lack of continuity of facilities for when the development is taking place.

· 17. The quality and source of letters supporting the development are questioned.

· 18. The validation of the application and the consultation undertaken on it are queried.

· 19. The Council is giving public land away to a private developer.

· 20. The works, and the manner in which they will be carried out (eg site hoardings) will present a danger to the general public.

· 21. Health risks from electricity sub-station.


·        Councillor Ketan Sheth  (Chair) 

·        Councillor Mary Daly  (Vice-Chair) 

·        Councillor Abdi Aden   

·        Councillor Eddie Baker   

·        Councillor Mark Cummins   

·        Councillor Sami Hashmi   

·        Councillor Ann John OBE   

·        Councillor Chandubhai J Patel   

·        Councillor Ramesh Patel   

·        Councillor Krupa Sheth   

·        Councillor Harbhajan Singh   

For the information of Members, a large number of the supporting letters were submitted

to Brent Council via the agents acting for the applicant, Galliford Try, on 14 January 2013.

The letters are in semi-template form, in so far as much of the text is the same in each submission.

This was always a "key decision", requiring proper consultation. Brent denies this.

Willesden Green Cultural Centre   -   Recommended for Approval

Brent website wrongly stated controversial development plans for site had been given the green light

Thank you for your efforts


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