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Car Battery Jump Start

Can anyone recommend a Jump Start suitable for a 1900cc diesel engine. I have been searching online but there are so many. The reason I want one is that I have to leave my car for a couple of months and suspect that the battery will be flat when I go to use it.


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Jonny A
i used to be in the mechanics trade and jump starts made by Sealey were a good buy and long lasting. i saw several of these in different mechanics hands with good results
Chris N
Surely if it is a good battery it will be ok.
Rodger W
Remove battery. (chance for engine systemsto reset when you reconnect) Agree Sealy are best. (dont get those yellow £25 portables- chocolate ashtray!)
David M
Boost packs are only a sealed battery in a nice plastic case to stop you getting acid on your clothes etc, good ones have a cut out device which makes a noise if you connect the leads the wrong way round. The best thing to do is buy a trickle charger like an optimate, this is a very very low way of charging your battery if you are not using the vehicle for long periods of time. You put it on charge and leave it as long as you need to, it keeps your battery in good condition and will do no harm. If you buy a boost pack, I agree that sealey boost packs are the best, I have had several in my line of work and the best thing is that sealey offer a repair service if you break it. They are based in bury st edmunds but you can only buy or repair through an agent. All of mine have been supplied through KCP factors in bury, tel 01284 750777. I usually deal with Keith, the owner.
Norman S
Thank you all for your replies, much appreciated.

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