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Aga Specialist

Have an electric storage heatre aga and it is squeaking, does anyone know someone who works on them please?


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Michele S
Would recommend David Pointer -   01508 499764
Julie W
Have spoken to him but he does not do electric agas
Thanks though :)
Michele S
Hi Julie, quite surprised about that!  How about trying LD Cookers Tel: (01508) 498455
Julie W
OK I will thanks, I have tried 3 aga men none do it.
Dave C
If all else fails you're best bet would be to go direct to manufacturer
Michele S
I am having an electric aga in a few weeks time, so keep me updated.  Have had oil and gas agas in past all serviced by David Pointer.  Was in talks with him about supplying me with electric aga (getting it from elsewhere now), and I was sure he serviced electric ones too.
Julie W
There are 2 kinds of electric aga ours is the storage heater 30amp one.  I love it but think it needs a service.

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