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Mundesley Christmas Eve Pageant 2012

Witness the story of the first Christmas told through the streets of Mundesley in the form of a procession following the Starbearer. Watch Mary and Joseph undertake their journey that leads to the birth of Christ and see the wise men, shepherds and angels  who play a part in the Christmas story. Join the procession, sing carols or wait along the route and join as the story unfolds. Free programmes with Carols and some narrative provided.

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Starts Mundesley Free Church on High St opposite Bowls Club

Dec 24


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If you would like to do more than join the procession and actually participate in the Pageant, we're short of a lady to play Elizabeth, some shepherds and Roman Soldiers and people who would walk with the Pageant with collecting buckets. If you would like to join please contact Jo Berry. 01263 720743 or 
Are you a Wise Man? The Mundesley Village Christmas Eve pageant is still looking for an Elizabeth and a Wise Man to join the procession telling the story of Christ's birth.  If you would like to find out more join us please contact Jo Berry. 01263 720743 or  . It's a wonderful event and great fun. The donkeys, sheep and llamas all ready!! Do come.
All proceeds to charity including Hayley's Kidney Transplant Fund and Norwich Cruse Bereavement Care.

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