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Chimney sweep

Hello everyone,
can anyone recommend a reliable chimney sweep, please?
The guys who fitted our woodburners make no recommendations, unfortunately.


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Pamela V
Must be hard to find a chimney sweeper these days - I was surprised once when someone
on a quizz show was asked his occupation and he said a chimney sweeper. I was actually
born in the days when old fashioned fires were in every household. My old house in
Somers Town NW1 also had an outside toilet - we lived with my grandmother and the
bathroom was so so cold we never used the bath in the cold winter months. It was quite
a big bathroom and one side had lots of shelves, so my bathroom was used as a pantry
too. I used to clean the fire, collect the coal and go to the shop with my grans trolley
to buy the wood for the fire. Can you imagine asking a child to do that now. I used to
love sitting by the fire and my gran's cats would snuggle up by my side.
Leah C
Came across this site when looking recently 
Haven't tried it yet but it looks like you will be able to find someone local with some assurance that they know what they are doing. Let us know how you get on.
Charlotte F
Firkins are brilliant.  I have used them for years.
Jacki R
I also used Firkins years ago, when I had a chimney - good to know they're still operating
Edith and Karl E
I shall give Firkins a call next week. Thanks for all your comments. I shall let you know what I think.
Pamela, you'll be surprised - chimneys are making a comeback! DEFRA-approved woodburners are definitely being used a lot as back-up to central heating. The guys who fitted ours are really busy all the time.
Pamela V
Great news - Nothing more cosier than a fire especially in the winter months.
Charlotte F
We had a defra approved stove installed last year (I am Scandinavian) and what a difference it has made to the winter months!  Firkins really are brilliant: reliable, clean, great job and fab advice.  I have used them for years as we previously had an open fire and I havent got a bad word to say about them.
Elsa S
I am interested in buying a stove - any recommendations?
Charlotte F
Being Scandinavian I have a big thing about wood burners and I truly believe you get what you pay for and that you should buy stoves from a a country which has a tradition of woodburning.  In addition it has to be Defra approved if you use it in London.  Have a look at Morso or Westfire.  I ended up with a Westfire.  The Morso stoves were to deep for my fireplace but the Westfire fits perfectly and wow it really pumps out the head with little ash.  I was advised time and time again to stay away from Chinese made stoves.
Charlotte F
The fire is not on but you can get an idea of my stove from this picture :)  What I also loved about the Westfire is the huge window so you can really see the fire when it is on.

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