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cheap super-strength alcohol

The followin link is from the Evening star

They say "“Various pro-active initiatives such as this are ongoing in Ipswich at the moment and we are seeing some fantastic results for the town" What do other people think will this make much diffrence?


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Mr Fruitgum
Oh well I was wrong no one in Ipswich has any views re this :>)
James M
British Home Stores, Marks & Spencer and Debenhams.  The shops of choice for piss-heads everywhere :/  Until the supermarkets do it, this is a waste of time.
Mr Fruitgum
James M Exactly what I thought
Tony W
The supermarkets are not the problem, They will always 'Think 25'. The problem lies with the small independent retailers that  are open and legally selling high strength cider/lager from very early in the morning. They are the problem.
Glen T
Drinking is a very complete problem and each type needs its own remedy. A bit like prostitution, it's been around for hundreds of years and we've never found a solution. The only thing that can be done is to chip away at it, and this is one of them.
There is no one trick magic wand solution. Over the last 10 yrs a number of legal remedies have been introducted to address the problem and I think it's working to a degree. I see less underage drinking and I think drink fueled violence has decreased in town and is more robustly policed.

Types of Alcohol problems:

Underage drinking
Street Drinking by alcoholics
Night time economy drinking and it's associated ASB and violence
Drinking within the home fuelling domestic violence and relationship breakdown
In Ontario Canada where i once lived they have government controlled outlets where they sell alcohol and you need i.d to buy cannot buy any alcohol from supermarkets,garages,corner shops or any other outlet.
they also have collection areas where you can take your empties and get cash back on them,you didn't see kids drinking anywhere on the streets. I think they have adopted this idea in other countries as well.

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