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Video: Seafront Survey, Jan, 2013:

The first of our regular looks at Felixstowe's seafront facilities for the upcoming year, and the new summer season . . . are we looking ready and fit for summer?


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Marc T inactive
Good report.  One thing though - you claim the Bloor Homes Martello PArk project is awaiting "first occupancy".  That does rather imply that they have actually sold a single property.  Checking their website, you can see that two (as yet unbuilt) properties have been reserved, and all other properties are available for sale.

Being a salesman on that site must be the world's most tedious job, as prospective buyers stay away in droves ...
Tim S inactive
As in still awaiting their first occupant, although they look fairly complete . . it's a perfectly valid comment, I think . .
Marc T inactive
Well ... they still have to build the 2 metre banking all around the first block.  I think they are months from completion.
Tim S inactive
You'll be waving to your neighbours before you know it, Marc!
Marc T inactive
Unlikely.  I foresee a LOT of empty properties in that development.  Hell, I love living down here and I wouldn't buy one.  Who needs a six foot climb to their front door?  
I reckon that in 2 year's time, the majority of those properties will have been discounted to the "buy-to-let" gamblers and will be standing idle, as they try to get 3 times the rental ceiling price.  Seriously, what's there to attract people?

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