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Does anyone know how the local council can be encouraged to do something about potholes in the road?
I reported the ones local to me to the appropriate people at Long Stratton long before our recent snow and was assured that they would be dealt with. How silly was I to believe it!

I know the rules: note the date and the person spoken to, and follow up with a letter.

In reality our lives are often too busy for all this faffing and an assurance that something will be done should be enough.
Perhaps we should get together and give the council a list so they can spend a few hours putting them right instead of coming out to do one or two at a time.

What do you think?


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Geoff D
Potholes in adopted roads are probably the responsibility of Norfolk Highways, i.e. Norfolk CC rather than South Norfolk DC who you notified. I'd suggest you call them.Or try Margot Harbor at the town council for advice.

I noticed some dangerous holes on the A143  on the Bungay straight had been attended to but the repairs are so poor that they are already beginning to deteriorate again.
I'm with Borderhoppa
David S
perhaps local parish councils could log potholes (on the basis of reports by parishioners) and report regularly to S Norfolk or Norflk as appropriate
John C
Some years ago, fed up with keep reporting a 'growing' pothole outside his property, a local chap filled it in himself.
Instead of saying 'thank you' the council threatened him with prosecution!
You will need to be persistent, but they will report the hole through the proper channels and supply a report back to you when they have received a response. When I did this, I got the name of the guy at SCC who was dealing with it - he reported back that they had noted it, but didn't have the funds to deal with it, and that it was " on the list". Once I'd got his name I called him. He bemoaned the fact that there were no funds to do anything. I politely told him that was fine, but that I just wanted to make sure they were aware so that I would know where to come when there was an accident involving a cyclist.
It got sorted within 2 days!
Dawn S
Or google South Norfolk District Council potholes
Complete the online form.
I did this just after Christmas and the pothole was repaired within a week, yes I was amazed!
Kirsty N
I rang Highways and they send someone out after I offered to concrete the ones outside our drive but they did some and left others! I've rang back and asked if they'd like me to concrete the rest, funnily enough they said no it was ok and they ar coming back!

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