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Gt Yarmouth Market

I went to Gt Yarmouth market today,most disappointing,not many stalls and the traditional chippies were not getting ready to open.Also the mushy pea stall had the shutters on,much to hubby's sorrow.The huge pet stall with treats and bedding wasn't there either.It was like a ghost town.My dog was grateful that the little butcher I think its Percy's( I'm not very good with names) was there for the fresh cooked pigs ears.What time does it normally get going? or is it in a decline?


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Richard B
I was at Yarmouth market this morning. I noticed that the pet stool was not there. Sorry birdies, will have  to
 ration the mealworms out till Saturday.
Richard B
Does anyone know anyone who collects empty ink cartridges< I've got about 12.
William A
definitely in decline its the same old rubbish they sell on the market why don't they let some  new people set stalls up im pretty sure the Portuguese and Polish could do our Yarmouth Market Proud.
Keith H
I inquired about renting a stall, its silly money. The greedy council put stall prices out of reach. Plus for eg. why buy cigarette papers on the market in the rain & cold for £1-50 when you can go into the warm pound shop & buy the same for £1? I thought markets were sapposed to be cheaper than the shops.
Sophie R
Keith..The reason you buy your cigarette papers off the market is so the market continues to survive ....We all need to support the market or we will lose it.
Keith H
Let me get this right, shoppers are expected to pay inflated prices to keep the market going? Thats not how things work, markets survive because they sell things, if they cant because of there expensive goods then its odvious to & any one else with any brains that there proffit margin is too high. Im a buiseness man & know how much things can be baught at wholesale. Is not just cigerette papers, I priced body warmers a few weeks ago, the market was the most expensive as was a light bulb for my car. Its an eye sore any way, personaly I would rather have it all car park so I can get near the shops, that way I can stay out of the badweather & if an item is faulty when I get home I know the shop will be there tomorrow.
Sophie R
Sorry I thought you said the cigarette papers were the same price on the market as in the shop. If that was the case I would rather buy them from the market to support a local trader than supporting a huge company of whom the owners are probably already very rich.

Also being a business man you must  realise how the huge multinational companies use their buying power to purchase goods to sell, paying farmers next to nothing for meat and vegetables and importing for example chicken from Thailand and Brazil rather than paying a few pence extra to a local farmer.

Everyone and everything nowadays is all about the 'cheapest'. Go to a supermarket today and buy a product that would once of lasted a lifetime and today it now lasts 6 months. Fruit and veg in supermarkets nowadays is cheaper to buy than from a local farmer but its rubbish. But hey that's what everyone wants nowadays 'the cheapest' no matter the rubbish quality.

If we don't support local farmers, butchers, bakers now soon there will be none left and we will all just have to eat the bland, tasteless food from the other side of the world we are all sold from supermarkets.

Nex time you go to a supermarket just take a look at all the ingredients in a loaf of bread, so many additives to prolong shelf life that it is no longer a healthy food to eat.
RICHARD B: I know the RSPCA charity shop used to have envelopes to put empty ink cartridges in. They are sent off and they get money for the cause. I don't know if they still do this but you can find out on: 01493 332662 (Northgate Street shop) or 07789 390119 (Regent Street shop) or pop in.
Richard B
Thank you Jo. I shall do that.
Thats OK. I've just looked on their website and they DO take ink cartridges.
Richard B
Thank you Jo. I'll probably take them to the Regent Street shop Saturday.
Sally H
We take empty ink cartridges in Fonehouse in Bradwell.

We also try and help other shops by offering our promotions with them. We want to keep all local businesses in business but that depends on the support of the customers. We can't force people to buy from us, but if people don't use local shops then they will disappear, along with the tax we pay in this country as opposed to large companies - many of which don't pay tax in this country, and local jobs will go too.

Support your local businesses and they will support your local economy!
Richard B
Where in Bradwell are you Sally@
Sally H
Hi Richard, we are on Beccles Road, where the old post office used to be, opposite Barnados.
Richard B
Ok Sally, i'll try & see you tomorrow or Saturay. I've got about 6-7. Thought I had more.
If anyone has ink cartridges they want to get rid of please take them to the RSPCA charity shop, the animals are in desperate need of our help. Thank You.
Richard B
Ok Jo: i've got about 12-13. and splitting them with Fonehouse. I will always support worthy causes where I can. A bit morbid perhaps, but I am in the fro's of making a new will. the RSPCA & Alzeimers charity, will, "Rest Assured" benefit.

Thanks everyone for your help.
Sally H
Fonehouse are trying to help lots of local charities and fundraisers too.  We offer 25% of the gross profit we make on any new contract or upgrade to any charity/fundraiser that is nominated.  We are working with Tia's Treasure, Frankii-Preston's Journey and Willow - with further meetings scheduled to work with Centre81 - all local charities.  If anyone has a good cause or charity they want to raise money for pop in to store and see me!

That's great Richard, thanks.
Penny L
Cigarette papers on one stall, you pay £1. For 3 packets and the same for tips. Much cheaper than in the shops, even the pound shops.
Jane S
I only notice the spelling mistakes and bad grammar on the signs when I walk through the market!
Jackie F
Me too! Free sauce's, pizza's and Fred's Snack's to name just 3.
David B
ink cartridges can be sent & collect tesco points I get 100 pointsfor each cartridge phone 0800 0910696 & quote 'TESCO ALZHEIMERS SOCIETY or go to
do either and they will send envelopes to you.hope this helps
Richard B
Good morning David B. Thanks for your comment. I have found homes for this collection, but will remember for future. A cause close to me, as my wife died of Alzeimers nearly 4 years ago. Rest assured, whatever I get will go to good causes. Thanks again.

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