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Barking and Dagenham, Essex or London?

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Dee S
sorry I live in Dagenham and consider myself an Essex girl, always will no matter what they tell us.
David M
Dagenham/barking council is run by London but we are in Essex.
Mark H
My view is that it is London.  

I believe it was Essex til the mid 60's - then the administrative borders changed and it was amalgamated into Greater London.

I guess it is a generation thing - the 'older generation' (no offence to those above) will say Essex as they remember when it was part of Essex - but the younger generation will say London.  Overtime the Essex relationship will slowly be forgotten and everyone will say London.
Dawn C
Well until they change the address from Dagenham, ESSEX, and give it a London postcode, in my book it is still in Essex, no matter where the administrative borders are drawn.
Ray Harris
I always write Hornchurch, followed by the postcode.  I have no problem receiving mail!  You're right Mark H we became part of Greater London (a London Borough) on 1 April 1965.
Matthew G
The addresses of properties in Dagenham certainly should not contain Essex.

Just take a randomly chosen postcode (I picked RM10 9LU) and put it into the Royal Mail address finder on their website.  The result that came back for this postcode was

135 New Road
RM10 9LU

and that's what you should be writing on an envelope.  The Royal Mail literally are the people whose job it is to decide what your postal address is!

Adding anything extra in there (London, Essex, or anything else) is superfluous, potentially confusing, and definitely not part of the official address.
Alan E
In 1965, the old London County Council went out of existence and the Greater London Council came into being. Its boundaries were extended to encompass Barking, Dagenham, Romford and Hornchurch which were previously administered by Essex. So administratively, Barking and Dagenham are now part of Greater London but as far as Royal Mail is concerned, they are still part of Essex. As someone born in Barking in 1949, I shall always consider it to be part of Essex and pay no regard to what any politicians say - they are here today and gone tomorrow.
Colin N
Matthew G is wrong. Royal mail introduced "flexible addressing" precisely because people wanted to put counties and other bits of info in addresses. It is not wrong to put Essex in Dagenham addresses, it is just not necessary. It is as if they gave up trying to cope with which county somewhere is in because of so many changes in relatively recent years. Thy dropped postal counties in the 1990's.

Royal Mail did not make the whole of Greater London into a post town, as it would have been too disruptive/expensive.

There is no question that B&D is in Greater London for local government and other administrative purposes, but the question is in what sense - if any - are we "in" Essex. The Association of British Counties argues that while county councils may have changed their boundaries (or have been abolished) the counties as geographical entities did not - and this was intentional.

If you have a look at the Association of British Counties website, you will find examples of county council names that are utterly useless as geographical terms.

As Barking was unequivocally in Essex when I was born, I'm going to be traditional.
Colin N
Also, the county should only be omitted if the postcode is given, so as not to confuse Barking, Essex with Barking, Suffolk, for example.
Dawn S
I will always say I'm from Essex, after all I've even got the accent to prove it lol.
Raymond P
I will always say I am from Essex.Born in Harold Hill and now live in Rpmford Essex/ is where I am and proud of it.
Debbie inactive
As with Barking and Dagenham, Romford, Hornchurch, Harold Hill, Collier Row, Upminster, Ilford to name a few, are in London boroughs. And not part of Essex. Although they do have Essex postcodes. It confused the hell out of me when explained to me too. But I was born and bought up in Romford and always say Romford, Essex, and class myself as Essex born and bred. And proud to be part of Essex
Derry S
Quite a few people consider Barking as East London,and not Essex.When I think of Essex I picture more country side for some reason,although we are getting people who call themselves Essex boys/girls,and have this silly lingo of "Well Gel and many other stupid phrases.They seem to think that it is cool to act dumb,unfortunately people who are not from Essex because of the television media do really think that people from Essex are dumb.
Colin N
There's no such thing as an Essex postcode.

Greater London is not a county and does not have a county council.

Here is an apposite quote from the Association of British Counties:

"The Government has always maintained that local government changes do not actually directly affect the Counties themselves. Despite such re-assurances, the tendency for the media, map-makers, publishers etc. to use local government areas as a basis for popular geography has obscured the identities of the Counties.

In fact, local government names and areas change so frequently that they are totally unsuitable for such a geographical purpose. Surely we cannot be expected to re-learn our whole notion of "where places are" every 20 years or so ? Neither should we be robbed of our cultural inheritance. There really is no need for it.

The 6 Counties of Northern Ireland - Antrim, Armagh, Down and the rest - have no role in local government but are used by everyone as the basis of its geography. ABC advocates the same practice for Great Britain."

I'm convinced.
Colin N
Here's another excellent ABC quote:

'The present set of local authority areas present some particular problems to those who would attempt to use them as a geographical framework. The names and areas of many of them are unfamiliar to most of the public. To use them within geographical descriptions therefore conveys no information. Many of the new unitary authority areas have "borrowed" the name of a town or city within the local authority area. This leads to nonsense if one tries to use the unitary area within a geographical description.

Consider the unitary authority area of "Caerphilly". The town of Caerphilly lies within this. How does one describe where Caerphilly is ? "Caerphilly in Caerphilly" ! How does one describe where other towns in the unitary authority area are ? One can't say "New Tredegar in Caerphilly" since New Tredegar is a totally separate town 30 miles away from the town of Caerphilly. Similarly to describe Maidenhead as being in "Windsor and Maidenhead" scarcely conveys any information.'
Billy Bragg was performing at Glastonbury yesterday, when his gig finished he said "my name's Billy Bragg, I'm from Barking, Essex".

So am I Billy, it says so on my birth certificate.

What's the saying, 'you can't change where you come from'.

Wikipedia also confirms where Billy Bragg was born.

I'd like to hear any person discussing or arguing with Mr Bragg about where he was born, I don't think they would win the discussion (argument).
Ken G
Scooperman,  Billy Bragg,working class hero aye? Man of the people.Working class roots.Pity he failed to say that now he lives in Dorset  so he can keep well away from the working class peasants!
Lynne T
Hmm!!  its all geography as they say. On my birth certificate it says West Ham but as far as I know that doesn't exist any more as it was amalgamated with East Ham and is now called Newham lol.
Somehow it has never occurred to me to say I come from Newham.
It will always be West Ham to me.
Dee S
Lynn T I was born in Queen Mary's hospital at Stratford my birth cert says West Ham but when I wanted a new birth cert this year I had to collect from East Ham because neither West Ham or Queen Marys exist.
There are no "Essex postcodes".  Just postcodes.

Interesting to see the Barking accent mentioned.  I'm informed that it's unique, Essex rural  influenced by the Newcastle  and Hull from of the sailing barge crews who did what sailors often do with the local girls!  Does it survive?
I was born in West Ham and that's whats on my birth certificate .

My dad and his brothers were born West Ham  around 1915 . and his birth certificate states Essex.
London is getting bigger and bigger .
Yes Ken G, he lives in Bridport, Dorset and does not try to hide that fact. No sense in getting bitter about it.

Would you still live in Barking if you were a millionaire?  I don't think so.

If you want to call him a 'Working Class Hero' that's up to you.
Derry S
Billy Brag commented on where he was born,Ido not remember him saying that he was going to live in Barking for the rest of his life.Barking has changed a lot since Billy Brag was born.I dont blame him for getting out.
Ken G
Scooperman, I wouldn't live in Barking if I wasn't a millionaire. I cant speak the language these days!
Colin N
Barking was unequivocally in Essex before 1965, so anyone born in Barking before then - such as Stephen William ("Billy") Bragg, and me, was born in Barking, Essex no question.

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