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who plays tennis Murray road park

I see on the park notice board the council are going to waste our money on replacing the tennis court that fell into disrepair because no one used it .Why can't you change it into a baseball court or a bigger child playing area .It seem to me that tennis club struggle to get player now without having more courts and as for rebuilding it right in the middle of the park beggars belief !


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Glen T
Just a couple of things.

Any new courts will not be funded by the council, but by Sec 106 money and other funders.

£50k has been allocated to the project from Sec 106 money.

The existing court site cannot be used for courts as the ground is structurally unsound. This is the reason why the exiting courts cannot be used.

At the last meeting it was proposed to add a multi use games area which can be used for basket ball.

More info at:
James M
There was a post about this on here last year.  I agreed that right in the middle of the park seems a daft place to have it, if the existing site can't be used due to the bomb shelters then why can't it be up the other end, or down one side?  Right in the middle will just ruin the prospect across the park.
Glen T
Yes, ideally they would be down one end, but we have a few problems.

Resistance from residence where their garden would be very close to any new courts.

Disruption to the path that links the gates on opposite sides of the park.

A possible sewer pipe where we would need to build.

The position of the courts, have definitely not been decided, but there are only so many options.
James M
I can understand the residents concern, it's a real shame about the bmomb shelters, the ideal position is where they are now.
S F inactive
Glen T - if no-one used the old tennis court, why even bother with a new one?  The original question - who plays tennis Murray road park - more wasted money or have the funders done their research properly as to whether this facility is needed by the people that currently use Murray Road Park? 

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