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Beggers up in East Ham high street

I am getting fed up with the amount of beggers up the high street. When you talk to the local CPSOs' all they can do is move them on but i have noticed that the original ones are back up there near the station. The man with one leg in the wheelchair, do not be fooled by him and there is also a lady with a walking stick that she throws way too far over, she has been seen BY ME BEHIND HER closing her walking stick and walking normally into shops and the shop security have to be warned that she is also a begger and so they are aware of her, please dont let yourself be a victim of crime and if you are up East Ham high street, you have been warned


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Barbara L
that man with one leg is a shame for people that have disabilitys i went passed him on the way to the paraolympics rehersals and i met people there that said that is dam right samefull using there disabilty to beg for money and this was paraolympian athleats 

the window washers at beckton a13 junction i normal ignore the beggers i can do better acting than thay can
MK inactive
Not sure if it's the same man but I saw a man sitting outside the station with one leg out and one missing, or so I thought. When he saw a police officer he got and by some miracle he had two legs...amazing!!!. Never seen a man grow another leg, must be a first. Basically, there is nothing wrong with him and with some people totally switched off to the con artists out there they will always be here taking advantage as well as money.
Regarding the window washers, what can I say. I saw one reaching into the rear of the car taking a handbag out, after I shouted she swore and left. The  other was still washing the car window. The driver was totally unaware. I approached the driver and explained what I saw and to my disgust and shock she said it's not their fault, they have no money. I was annoyed because these people claim benefits, have housing given to them and yet still want more. This government has a lot to answer for as well as the council. I believe in taking a hard approach to problems, not this soft approach in hope it disappears. I was in Turkey and a beggar approached me, before I knew it an officer had him in cuffs and escorted him away. I was later told that they have zero tolerance. I was out there for 3 weeks and only came across that one incident. Here it's one every other step in East Ham and surrounding areas.
Pat L
I am not surprised how these people make a miracle recovery, but the ones that really tick me off are the ones with the babies, or should i say dolls, and that when you ask them to have a look at the baby they sort of run off, i have found that if you phone 101 to the cop shop the police will then take action. 
Barbara L
mk OMG thats bad i would just kick them out of the country if this was me we are a soft thay come here get free houses ,free nhs treatment and money and most dont even speak english or even bother to learn it 

and we the tax payer pay for them to do this to us and aparantly we have more coming 
sorry this makes my blood boil
MK inactive

I agree with everything you have said. Yet we cannot express how we feel because when we do we get accused of being racist. I have been approached by a couple of neighbours telling me that I should learn their language because there are more of them in Newham and if I am to communicate with them I need to learn their dialect. I was also told that I am not allowed to buy alcohol. I was even told to cover my tattoos on my arms as it offends the people here. I get so angry, cannot wait to move out of Newham because as far as I am concerned it's finished. What has the Olympics done for the Borough...nothing, all the volunteers put so much effort into the event and what have they got in influx of trash arriving into the borough.
Path P
Yes I do agree with you all and I feel that this country has not got the tough law for these people because these people have nothing to loose in here. This country has got the law for the law abiding citizens ONLY. To me this is why we have all this problem now. Sorry to say that no one has got any idea how to handle this problems including the council and the government.
I'm with

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