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I've seen a few posters about declaring:  'Say NO to Trafford Solar Park'.  What's that about?


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Stephen Heard
This is about a very large solar development at Belaugh submitted by Trafford Estates.  Planning application is in with a very short time for response.  Local Belaugh residents are attempting to get an extension to the the time to give them time to garger thoughts etc.


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Its a large scale major industrial development that does not conserve or enhance the quality or character of the Norfolk Broads, it has significant adverse environmental impacts, it erodes the open rural character of the landscape in the area, it has adverse visual impacts on views, the site is part of the 'buffer zone for the Broads, it is an alien feature that's out of scale to the landscape, it will set precedent for future development in and around the Norfolk Broads and affect tourism.

A planning application has been made for this, largest Solar Farm in the County, in the Broadland Conservation village of Belaugh (between Hoveton, Wroxham and Coltishall) comprising of 57420 solar panels on 73 acres/29.579 hectares. 

This will be one of the largest in the country.

The proposed location is adjacent to the Norfolk Broads a member of the National Park Family with the same government protection as the National Parks and in the parish of the Conservation village of Belaugh, on the B1354 which itself is a major tourist artery into the Norfolk Broads.  The tourist industry is worth £2.5bn a year to Norfolk. 
This large scale major industrial development of 3 metre high solar panels and supporting ground installations will be surrounded by a 2.4m high industrial fencing and pole mounted CCTV cameras adjacent to residential houses.  Full details of the Planning application number 20121424 can be found using the following link: 
This large scale major development will result in a significant adverse visual impact on the rural character and appearance of the Norfolk Broads a member of the National Park family which has been confirmed by government as having the highest protection in relation to landscape. It will also erode the open rural landscape of the area surrounding the Norfolk Broads which are a major influence on and make a positive contribution to the character of its landscape, its quality and local peoples lives and visitor experiences.
Large-scale major energy projects are not a characteristic feature of this area and would result in a industrialised landscape with an engineered and technological appearance.

There is also the cumulative adverse visual impact of such large scale major developments as screening requests  have been received for 5 solar farms in the immediate vicinity of Belaugh in Buxton, Oulton x 3 and Cawston and one other live application at Scottow Application Number PF/12/1094 that is the same scale.  This is in addition to the existing solar farm Carlton Farm Solar Park just outside North Walsham.  All of these currently proposed and existing solar farms would cover an area of approximately 422 acres/171hectares of good farmland. 

This large scale major industrial development will set precedent and lead inevitably to other inappropriate developments of other solar pv farms in and around the Norfolk Broads.  This development is part of the 'Solar Gold Rush' in this industry to capture the current feed in feed-in tariff review in 2013 it will not benefit Norfolk.

This large scale major industrial development is on Grade 2 agricultural land in the Norfolk Broads, only 16% of Norfolk is Grade 2, so development of this kind is contrary to the government's other priorities of safeguarding good farmland in East Anglia, food security and sustainable Brownfield site development.

The solar panel installation will face the public highway causing glint and glare (something that is regulated against in other countries) and create a health and safety hazard on a narrow country B road with restricted width which is notoriously dangerous with blind spots, regular accidents and fatalities and has to be used for hgv on the 'sugar beet campaign'.  

Belaugh Parish Meeting met on Thursday 8th November where the majority of the village was present or represented. There was a unanimous vote to reject this application. 

The community has deep concerns at the way this matter has been dealt with by Broadland District Council and North Norfolk District Council with no pre- application consultation for what is a large scale major development.
How to Object

1.Write to the Planning Department & your local Councillor(s) and MP

Mr P. Courtier

Head of Planning

Broadland District Council

Thrope Lodge

1 Yarmouth Road

Norwich NR7 0DU

Tel 01603 431133

3. Use the words "I object" in your letter, otherwise your letter may be taken merely as comment by the planning department. 

2. Quote the planning application number 20121424

3. Your objections must be valid for planning so they must be 'material considerations' only information will be available on Facebook Page shortly or email as above

4. Make your objections known as early as possible and by 30 November 2012

To look up planning application go to:

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