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After renovating a bungalow for my son at Tills Close and also my own property i can recommend local tradesmen who i have known for a long time.They are-Plumber,Plasterer,Coving/Artex and a kitchen manufacture and installer,also window fitter.
I would be pleased to show examples of their work.
Also i have much knowledge of diy,can use a paint brush.shovel.fork etc and also small building work i.e garden walls,steps etc.,
If i can be of any help please ring 01603 788816
Regards Gary


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Gary R
I can also advise on upvc products as i worked in the industry for 16 years.
There is another post I will update shortly....I'm still looking for someone I can trust and that can provide warranty on the work to fit a bathroom (scrap what's in there and do everything on it, from A to Z).
So far I've only found people that aren't capable or unrealistic quotes :(
Gary R
Lets meet and have a chat.

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