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Meditation classes in Norwich?

Hello does anyone know of any meditation classes in the Norwich area?


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Jason W
Norwich Buddhist centre. 14 Bank street. or call 016036 627034 :-)
Bibi L
St Thomas Church Hall on Earlham Road used to do one; I think they still meet there. I'd recommend that one.
Ann L
yes i think they still do on a Tuesday evening..bring your own cushion.  There are some details in Hurns chemist on Unthank Road  otherwise buy a cd of a guided meditation or down load some and meditiate at home...every day :)
Ann L
I'm going to the chemist on Unthank Road shortly.  I'll get the details of the Tuesday meditation and post it
Ann L
Sorry I went there and totally forgot duh!!!
Jules M
Check out this website,,  it's run by a friend of mine, and her courses come highly recommended.  As you will see from her site, she runs regular free taster sessions, so you can try before you buy so to speak.
Ann L
Finally remembered to make note of Earlham Road meditiation sessions. St Thomas's Church Hall, 7.30 - 9.00pm £5, I think its Tuesdays.  Tel 01953451937 for details.

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