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Christmas cards

Does anyone know where Christmas cards can be collected for recycling, in town?  Thank you.


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Eileen B
Hospiceshop in Exeter Rd is taking cards for recycling
Thank you Eileen.  I'll drop them in soon.  Great stuff, this social networking!
Caron Sprake
Thank you Eileen , all my home help clients ask me if I know of anyone who is recycling Christmas cards. Since Tesco stopped doing so I have always taken them to Moreton Residential home where they are recycled into gift tags and new cards for the following years Christmas sale. It's good to have an alternative if they don't want thousands. It always seems such a shame just to throw them away.
Jan N
Thanks Eileen. We'll take our cards to Hospicecare shop and pass the word on.
Barbara S
Thank you Eileen I will take my cards.  Happy New year

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