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crazy golf

I heard last week end that the council are planning to close the golf/crazy golf area on the sea front, and ?build another car park?? 
This was following a conversation with a chap in the crazy golf hut, not sure how far the plans have gone yet.
Where will it all end? there will be no need for extra car parks - there will be nothing for visitors to do except bowl and beach!!
Has anyone else heard this?


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Nick M
Think about it - which will give the council the most profit?  A crazy golf course that needs at least one person to run it and can only hold x number of people at a time - or a car park that can be run with a ticket machine and checked by existing staff, each car being charged an exorbitant rate and a constant turnover?  It doesn't matter what PEOPLE want, it's money that talks.
Mary N
I do agree with you.. where will it end!!!
Phillip C
I have been hoping there would be a new  golf set up once work starts. One along the lines of the type they have in Paighton .  I feel what we have now as a crazy golf is poor and not very appealing.
Apart from which it needs a re-vamp, it not in very good condition

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