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Islington Licensing Policy - Please respond to the survey and forward it to others

Dorothy B in Upper Holloway

Islington is consulting on a completely revised alcohol and licensing policy and it’s important that as many people as possible respond to this.

 As well as tackling the anti-social behaviour residents know so well, the new policy will help reduce the high and rising medical costs to the local primary care trust of excess alcohol consumption.

 The proposals include:

 *         Designated areas of cumulative impact, including Holloway and Finsbury Park, and of alcohol sales in the Junction ward of Archway

 *         Adopting recommended closing times for new alcohol licenses:

 o   off-licenses - 11pm

 o   night clubs - 1am Sunday to Thursday, 2am Friday and Saturday

 o   restaurants, cafes and bars - 11pm Sunday to Thursday, midnight Friday and Saturday

 o   hot food and drink from takeaways- midnight Sunday to Thursday, 1am Friday and Saturday

 A summary of the policy and proposed changes can be found at

 There is an online survey for public responses which is at:

Please do complete the survey. The proposals are different from the standard and Islington will need to be able to show that there is real community support for them.

Our only additional suggestion is that no alcohol sales should be permitted in late night takeaways. This is because late night businesses naturally attract people who have already been drinking, and the result can be considerable late night aggression.

Thanks, Better Archway


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