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Look East

Caractacus in Greenwich
In the light of Mick McCarthy's comments about Look East's negative coverage of Ipswich Town Football  Club, I was wondering how people felt about Look East's coverage of what happens in the regions as a whole.

In my opinion they almost seem to have an "if it doesn't happen in Norfolk, then it doesn't happen at all" approach.  If they do get off their backsides and report on happenings outside the borders of their home county then they seem to like to take a negative attitude, particularly where Ipswich is concerned. As an example,  when reporting on the impending opening of John Lewis, the angle they took was not the positive one of a major retailer moving into the town and creating hundreds of jobs, instead they focussed on how poor Ipswich was for shopping!

A plague upon them and their parochial reporting.

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