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In the light of Mick McCarthy's comments about Look East's negative coverage of Ipswich Town Football  Club, I was wondering how people felt about Look East's coverage of what happens in the regions as a whole.

In my opinion they almost seem to have an "if it doesn't happen in Norfolk, then it doesn't happen at all" approach.  If they do get off their backsides and report on happenings outside the borders of their home county then they seem to like to take a negative attitude, particularly where Ipswich is concerned. As an example,  when reporting on the impending opening of John Lewis, the angle they took was not the positive one of a major retailer moving into the town and creating hundreds of jobs, instead they focussed on how poor Ipswich was for shopping!

A plague upon them and their parochial reporting.


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Elaine D
I totally agree, as a family we feel that Ipswich could fall into a hole and it would come last in the Look East news, behind a gnat sneezing in Norwich.
Robin M
I like the weather map they use, it sometimes misses out Ipswich altogether but has Manningtree on it.
Andrew R
The same could be said for Anglia Tonight, both very pro-Norwich/Norfolk.

I think with tighter budgets they are just not travelling as far for stories. That said, they seem to pick up some very random reports from counties like Hertfordshire and even further afield which have no interest to those living in the 'east'.
I'm with Phones Limited
Ivor H
Wouldn't it be good if we didn't need Look East / Anglia tonight, be even better still if Suffolk had its own TV channel! then we wouldn't have to look to the BBC / Anglia for live news coverage around our own back doors....
And i don't think its a pipe dream either .....

                                                    The day of reckoning will come !!!
Pamela D
Anglia especially Ipswich hardly get mentioned on their 6pm news.
All about Norwich,football in particular they show more on the BBC "Look East"
Poor coverage on this area.
Robert S
fortunately there is the EADT and Ipswich Star who love Ipswich!
@I Ivor H   It certainly isn't a pipe dream,  Archant themselves are proving the concept with the impending Mustard TV,  a local news channel which will air on Freeview,   focussing on Norwich news.  It's a little surprising that they should want to open a new channel especially to provide news for Norwich when the two incumbents server it so well already.  They would be better off concentrating on other parts of the Eastern region that don't already have a decent TV news service.
S here
I thought the star love Felixstowe
Matthew G
Caractacus I don't think Archant had much choice - Ofcom decided which locations would be granted new TV licences, and the only one in Anglia was Norwich.
Thanks Matthew, at least it makes sense in terms of Archant's choice now.  I wonder what the criteria was for picking hose particular areas for licences.

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