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Three Horseshoes

Does anybody know what has happened to the 3 Horseshoes North Cove, it appears to be closed.


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David W inactive
Hello we went there last week and we thought it was closed too as the front door wouldn't open as it was stuck tight, as we walked away Jane come to door and let us in, we had a nice meal there and friendly place.
Barbara G
Hi, I emailed the man that owned it yesterday. He replied to say that it is closed. He is hoping to get a buyer soon but will not be opening yet.
Marion V
 I believe it changed hands recently. Perhaps it is having an up -date due to the low hygiene rating.  It used to be very well-known as a good eating place.
Barbara G
Not sure if people can see my comment above Marion's. I have an email from the owner to say that the man that was buying it and has been running it the last few months has decided not to buy it so it is closed until further notice.
Janet R
On Boxing Day - it was'nt very welcoming or had much atmosphere.  BUT is the Barnby Nursery Cafe open having closed after Christmas?????????????
Barbara G
Hi Janet,  I believe they are open again. The kids go there on a Saturday for chips and ice cream and I think they were told they were closed until mid Jan so should be open now!
Victor L
Thr Barnby Nursery Cafe is closed till they find new people who want to rent it.
Janet R
Thanks for comments re Barnby Nursery -   I thought it was a great business in a great Nursery.  Perhaps, Barbara, do they only open weekends?  J x
Met an old school friend at the 3 horseshoes last weekend for lunch.Hadnot been there for several years so decided to give the new managers ago.We walked in the door to be told that they were closed due to a unfortuate incident with the now ex managers.I shall not go into more details as its not up to me to say what the lady owner told us.But we both were shocked and felt sorry for her.Not wanting to go back into town we headed to the Barnby Swan another place i hadnot been to for years,we received a lovely welcome had our lunch and came away recomending the pub to everyone.But they do serve mostly seafood.
Mark A
Didn't know it had shut. Not been in since New Years Eve. Was charged 5 different prices for 5 identical rounds throughout the evening. Challenged the last one as it was nearly £3 more than the first to be assured it was right. Three staff sharing one till and two of them didn't know how it worked. Sort of put me off.
A great shame though, lets hope it re opens soon (with some sort of price structure) Too many of our pubs have gone already.
Janet R
Only in my opinion - but I believe a pub is only a good as the people running it.  The Three Horseshoes has everything a pub should have.  It's old, very old, has atmosphere and good parking.  If the person behind the bar is not good and does not have a welcoming manner - all this is lost.  As for Mark's rounds being different prices - well that speaks for itself.  During Christmas I found this pub to have lost everything it used to offer over the years I have been a customer.  Let's hope the right people find it and run it well for the future.
Sylvia M
Has anyone tried the Kings Head yet had a quick look this morning whilst waiting for some shops to open looked very cosy with lighted fire to one room and resting areas will try at the weekend probably.  I do agree about the shoes when they Italian Family had it it was heaving but it just has not made it since I had to leave a Guiness it was so bad I would have been ill had I drank it
Evevtually found a table at the Kings Head today, we tried to blag our way in Sunday on the invitation only day's with no luck. Tried again on the opening day Tuesday, again no luck, every table full and about 4 deep at the bar. Today we were lucky, a couple left just as we came in, the only free table. Food was good, staff very friendly, and as you would expect from Weatherspoons very cheap. I like the doubling up on food andrinks for just another £1. It seems to have brought the heart back to Beccles.
Marion V
Sat.lunch the King's Head was full to bursting and people waiting for a table!!!   We came home.  I'm sure it will settle down in time and we locals might have a chance to eat or drink there.  I always thought it would be a great success and an asset to Beccles, so I can't complain!!
Dave C
I suspect the Kings Head will settle down same way the initial surge at Prezzo settled down after it opened.

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