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Skill to share: Radio Station

Just to let you know that I'm happy to offer my skills in Radio Station to help my neighbours out.


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SNYA Radio
As you can see I am new to Street life.This should have said "Hi, we now have a new radio studio in Attleborough if anyone wants to do a bit of broadcasting".
Get in touch by calling 0843 289 5086 Calls cost 4.2p pm or visit
Shiela F
how do we get snya radio what station is it on and when sounds exciting
SNYA Radio
Hi Sheila you can listen to us on 24/7.Slight problem at Attleborough as someone has put a shovel through the telephone line. Openreach were there today (05/12/12) so we should be up and running very soon. In the mean time we are broadcasting from our Diss, Long Stratton and Wymondham studios. Keep listening Steve T
SNYA Radio
We had a telephone line for about an hour today, standby for more information about SNYA Radio coming soon to Attleborough. Find out more by listening to Steve T on BBC Radio Norfolk at 14.10 on Tuesday 11th December.
SNYA Radio
We have a telephone lines, we have broadband, we have a radio station and all we need now is you!
Join us in the New Year
Merry Christmas from all at SNYA Radio.
Filipe S
am traveling abroad but in my return i want to see ow you make your transmitions in the air
SNYA Radio

Thank you to those of you that have been in touch with offers of support. We now have some new broadcasters starting in the New Year. For further information, why not check out our website for the details of the opportunities that are still available. We are an equal opportunities organisation and our vacancies are suitable for young people, young adults and adults.

Merry Christmas and a happy New Year from all at SNYA

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