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Is Bury St Edmunds better for shopping and Parking than Ipswich

I was in Bury today (first time for ages)  and thought that they have a lot more shops than Ipswich and parking was £3 for the whole day.
What do others think


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Hayley J
I think you're spot on, I would choose Bury over Ipswich any day.
Hayley C
I agree I went to Bury last Sunday for the christmas street fair it was hundreds of stalls lots of people shopping and yes we could still all park for half the price than it is in Ipswich
Heather O
I agree. Norwich is also better, and Colchester.
Bury is definately better cheaper and has nicer christmas lights.
Tres B
Bury is a lovely place. Parking is cheap, easy and central, fewer shops are closed down than in Ipswich and there is a more interesting variety of smaller shops as well as the larger chains. It even has a bigger and better market.  If only this could all be achieved in Ipswich too - why isn't it I wonder?
Ken M inactive
I would sooner go to Ipswich, Colchester, Cambridge or Norwich than Bury St. Edmunds ... but then I prefer bigger towns to small ones. As for saying Bury St. Edmunds has more shops ... you must be having a laugh.
Sheila B
Yes , I do agree Bury is a much nicer place to shop as there are more small private firms who really make an effort to please their customers.. There is now a bus service which runs a few times a day to Bury, only stopping at Stowmarket.  The return fare is £7  and if you have a OAP card and you travel after 9.30. in the morning you can travel free. Tthe buses run from the Old Cattle Market.
Reg S
Why a laugh one meat is a mother mans poison
Heather O
Pardon Reg, but don't see connection to conversation?
Reg S
Because a person said bury was a laugh Check k m
Reg S
Believe this or not I had to go bury to buy a cycle could not buy one in ipswich mind it was in 1947 so,I like bury more than ipswich
Mr Fruitgum
Reg S 1947 was that when all the snow was that my nanny sometimes talk about
Heather O
Got better deal on new car in Norwich/ Bury, always worth checking other areas- same garages charge less in different areas.
Ken M inactive
I think you should read other people's comments a bit more carefully instead of jumping in with both feet, Reg S! Don't misquote me!
Reg S
Ok if you like ips ok if you like bury ok I do not think I mis quoted you. Also ref the snow it was a bout ten feet deep on cox lane car it was put there by horse and cart at 80 I lived in ips all my life so I have seen a lot of destroyed

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