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Went to Thursford on Saturday to see the Christmas show. It's not really up my street but I thought I'd treat my other half and our son as he was visiting. It was amazing. The standard of the singers, dancers, musicians etc was outstanding. Well worth a visit. Well organised, good parking. Wil certainly go again.


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David J
Hi Brian Y.
I went to Thursford last year, like you, not normally the sort of thing I'd go to watch. I was very impressed by the way the show was presented & the musicians & singers were very good. I don't think I'd go again but I'm glad I went.
Sandra M

Husband and I went to Thursford just before Christmas.  Still not sure what to make of it!  Sunday Night At The London Palladium meets end-of-the-pier show.  Husband (who is a musician) was very impressed by the standards of the music.  The arrangements and performances impressed him, even if it wasn't all his taste in music.  We came away saying that we'd go again, but maybe in two or three years' time.
Downside?  The seats were very narrow - the rather large lady on my left was overflowing into my space - and the floor wasn't raked, so hard to see beyond the tall chap in front of me.
David J
Hi Sandra M.
I think that's a pretty good way to describe Thursford. It'll be a while before I go again.
Bear in mind that the most recent gig I went to was Lynyrd Skynyrd at the UEA & my next one is Little Feat, again at the UEA.
David J
Hi Sandra M,
Just out of curiosity, what kind of music does your husband play?
Brian Y
I agree with you Sandra M re the seats, fortunately we had three seats at the end of a row, as I'm a bit on the broad side I sat at the end and was glad of it!  
When you think of the fact that it is stuck virtually at the back of beyond, it  was amazing how far people had come to see the show. Coaches from Hertfordshire, Leeds, Nottingham, Essex. 
I checked out Trevors info. It's great! I used to play in a band myself and made a couple records in 1966. I still have some guitars and play a bit now an then.
David J
Hi Brian Y. Just out of curiousity, who was the band you recorded with?
My next question was going to be, "Do you still play?" I now have the answer!! What kind of music do you play? I've never played an instrument but I have sung in a semi-pro rock band & there's nothing I enjoy more than a good jam session. I really do love my music. So much so, I worked in the industry for twenty years driving trucks around Europe for various bands, including eight years as Iron Maidens back line driver.
I think I'd enjoy chatting with you about the music of the 60s.
Sandra M
Brian / David - sounds like you two are about to form a band! 

Husband's a solo guitarist.  As well as his website and blog (above) find him on Facebook at 'Trevor Midgley (Beau)'.  Quite a few exciting things coming up in the next few months, starting with him hosting a radio programme on the local SNYA radio station - - on January 22nd at 10am.  (This is a programme of his favourite music, not of him performing, although who knows what might slip in!)

How did I get to this from Thursford!!!
Sandra M
p.s Brian Y:
I was also going to ask which band your recorded with and what records did you make?  (Beau was with John Peel's Dandelion label.)

Pat S
Can't beat 60's music! As for Thursford - I went this year and was disappointed, don't think I will go again. I have been on 2 previous occasions some years ago and really enjoyed it back then. I think Sandra summed it up - Sunday night at 'The London Palladium! but I loved the music and the orchestra were fantastic! Also loved the ballet!
Brian Y
Hi Pat . I hope I don't offend the organisers, but for  what seems to be a small (ish) venue, I think they did extremely well. As it was my fist visit there I cannot compare it with any others. The music, costumes, vocals and dancers were well worth the ticket price and more. Well organised also.
Brian Y
David  J / Sandra M. The band I played with in the U.K. was The Attraction. Formally known as Scrooge & the Misers, Romford area, Essex. Records were...Stupid Girl. ....Party Line.......She's a girl.......On E.M.I. 1966. Very dated now but will fill in the details on next post.
Brian Y
They can be found, with a bit of searching, on Youtube. We played Everly Bros, The Who, Stones , R&B etc. We backed The Swinging Blue Jeans, The Fortunes, Georgie Fame and others I can't remember now.
I played bass guitar, an Epiphone Rivoli through a Marshall stack. I also had a Fender Jazz Bass after my Epi took a dive one night and cracked its neck. Fortunately it was able to be repaired at the Burns Guitar factory where a pal worked. The Jazz bass was fine but I preferred the Rivoli. I left the band and joined an outfit in Germany called Pete Bender & the Plague. I stayed as his bassist for a couple of years. He still tours and goes by the name of Pete Wyoming Bender, Google him.He has a great voice still at the age of 67. We did mainly soul & blues stuff over there playing in German Clubs. We did some gigs in France too. I could bang on forever but it was a great life looking back. Not so great when I remember some of the dodgy hotels we had to stay in........and being ripped off a couple of times.....
Sandra M
Brian Y -  interesting stuff!  As it happens, Beau has a site about Burns guitars ... ...
Brian Y
Just had a look at it Sandra M. Very good research. A pal had a Burns Split Sonic, he played in a band where I lived then, in early  60's Dagenham. He still has it to this day. When I last visited some pals down there I tracked him down and tried to buy it. He wouldn't sell it.
David J
Hi folks!!! Just thought I'd let you know that since I last posted on here I've been in touch with SNYA & went to see Steve Thomas this morning, it was a very interesting chat. The outcome was that I'm now doing my first broadcast on Tuesday 22nd. January between 18:00 & 20:00 playing blues & blues based rock with maybe a bit of Boston, Journey & Toto thrown in. I'll be sorting out some tracks soon but I'll post a list of the CDs I'll be chosing from so if you have any tracks you'd like to hear maybe you can let me know.
Sandra M
Good for you!  Hope it all goes well.
Sandra M
Good luck for tomorrow evening David.  Hope all goes well.

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