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Seaplanes for Suffolk?

Nat Bocking in Falkenham
What I'd love to see in Harwich/Felixstowe area is a seaplane port. Yes, seaplanes, like there used to be. It's madness going an hour in the wrong direction to Norwich or Stansted to catch a plane when a short hop over the channel would take you to Schipol or other airports. There's been some studies into their feasibility and they found amphibious aircraft would work just as well here as they do in the USA, Canada, Maldives etc. but with the great advantage you don't need expensive land for runways (where planes fly over houses) but can use something that we've got an abundance of: open water in unihabited areas. The money a seaplane port would bring could be used to preserve and protect the coastline as well as create jobs. I make the proposal here:

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