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new and need help

hi im new to streetlife it was reccommended by my carer who lives close by.  i have recently moved into my flat but have lived in yarmouth for nearly 5 years and im looking for a lunchtime club where i can meet other people for a cuppa and a chat to get me out and about also i was wondering if anyone could reccommend somewhere that i can have a few items altered and hemmed
thanks x


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Brenda C
hi karen welcome. Christ church have a cafe in the church hall and is very popular
at lunch time. someone will always chat.  Also the Priory centre has lunch and loads of activities on there. Good Luck.
Karen C
hi thank you where is the christ church and do they both have wheelchair access? thanks again
Brenda C
christ church is on the corner opposite the theatre. both cater for wheelchair users.
Drac Blood
Whereabouts in GY are you. I may be able to advise you your nearest clubs
Karen C
hi i have just moved to blackfriars road near time and tide museum
Eileen H
Priory Centre have all sorts of things going on daily for all ages, sorry dont have no. for them but local library will be able to find for u.  also try contacting Door to Door for Transport and possibly as you may find interests at  Centre 81 who organise all sorts for people with a disability.  ring 01493 332253.

Good luck hope u find something interesting.

Karen C
hi thank you for all your help will look in to it thanks again x x
Penny L
Hi Karen
Hope you have settled in now. There was a lunch club at St James hall near the traffic lights by the Naval Hospital, they also do lunches in the library and have a friendship club there, and maybe other things you can join.
Dawn P
Karen it doesn't say how old you are if you are under 60 get your social worker to refer you to Centre 81 they do fab stuff there!! Its where the Door to Door buses are based!
Karen C
i was under 60 last time i looked lol im 29 have 2 little ones who are nearly 5 and 6 and daddy does most of the things at home so am looking fr something that i can do. thank you all for your help its really appreciated.
thanks again xxxxx
Pauline K
I have a great little book that gives clubs and pastimes around the area.  You may be able to get one from the library, or an Age Concern shop.  My sister gave me one (I think she got it from the Priory), and many of the clubs in it are for younger people as well as over 60's like me.
Harriet (Comeunity NDO)
Hey Karen 

I work as the Community Worker for you area, working for the Borough Council Neighbourhood team. Our team covers from St Nicholas Road down to the far South of Yarmouth, so anyone living in these areas is very welcome to come and see me any time to discuss any ideas they have, things they would like to do, or issues that they are experiencing, in their area. I can also refer you to other forms of support if you live outside of my area.
Karen, I would be happy to come out to see you if you would like me to provide some assistance in linking you into local community/lunch groups? I would also be happy to provide a referral, to places like centre 81 etc. 
Feel free to pop in to the Comeunity Centre (143 King Street), drop me an email, or ring me: 07947 227 728 / 01493 845 923

I hope you manage to find what you are looking for, and please let me know if there is anything I can help you with. 
Thanks and best wishes

Jamie M
there is alot of clubs and community groups you can join i am a council tenant rep for the middlegate estate and we are looking for people to join our tenant fourm we talk about things like ie: council properties , arch conference and etc : we are very plesent people have a laugh and have nice people in there if u would like to know more please do not hesitate to contact me on here ok

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