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Pay-and-Display car parking machine questionnaire

I am an Anglia Ruskin University student.
We are conducting a small study into how people interact with Pay-and-display car park equipment. We need your views, and would really appreciate if you could complete this very short questionnaire.

Visit and fill out the survey on-line.

Any responses are very greatly appreciated.  


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Chris J
How do I l now it will not put a virus on my computer? I do not trust any website address that I do not know these days as it has cost me in the past.
Paul W
I did not realise that web sites could infect your computer. I thought it was dubious e-mails. Any body else can comfirm Jenny P's comment.
Irene P
I agree with you Paul, but would welcome any further info Jenny has on this subject, as I use numerous websites.

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