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Brides for Breast Cancer

Im trying to organise a charity event to raise money for breast cancer and im looking for people to donate there old wedding dresses. They have something like this in america called brides for breast cancer and i want to start something like that over here in the uk i have already had some great donations but still need more any help would be great.


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Pearl W
Hi Dylan,

what a good idea - parted with my wedding dress many years ago but this is such a good cause and I really hope that you have a good response.

Debbie H
I'm a local wedding photographer and also run my own marketing business.  I don't have a dress but could help you out if you need any help with promotion or any photographs.  This is a cuase dear to my heart as I lost two friends to the disease have several friends who are breast cancer survivors. Debbie
Mr H
That would be great, Here is my mobile 07876100110. Im in the process of getting gowns at the moment so please ask friends and family if they still have there dresses or anything wedding wise. So far I have three very different dreeses so still need alot more.
Mr H
I Will be looking for models to show off the dresses, and some people to help with food etc Im hopeing it will be a great event. So please any one with wedding dresses please get in touch
Wendy H
I would be happy to help with food etc.  Such a good cause. Just let me know, what, where and when.
Mr H
Thank you, I will keep you posted please take a copy of my number from above.
Mr H
Been busy finding dresses but still need alot more so please ask around

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