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Gas fitter

Can anyone recommend a gas fitter locally that can cap off a gas fire and remove the pipe work please.


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John B inactive  They are very good.. Professional and don't overcharge.. They service our personal &  rentedl boiler and our old industrial boiler and whereas British Gas would attempt to replace it (which isn't convienient at present) they worked hard to keep it going safely for another few months
Margaret M
Does anyone know of a handyman who can fit taps and do small plumbing jobs?  We've had zero response from local plumbers - they obviously aren't interested in smaller jobs and never phone back.
John B inactive
Theres always that higher risk with fitting new taps in existing units, especialy ceramic sinks and baths. The old stuff  would have welded itself to the unit and could break it.. then its a whole new bathroom as old ceramics are hard to find. Also access  a new bathroom is easy.. Existing usually have panels, tiles all obsolete.. small jobs are sometimes higher risk and the profit doesn't cover this. Plumers have insurance but theres usualy a Excess which is usally a minimum of £500.  thats probably why you've having problems.. Refit the bathroom is probably more efficient and cheaper in the long run.. also adds value to your property.
Daphne H
Try Jack Adams he just did a small job for us and was very good. MOB NO: 07731980352
Margaret M
Thanks Daphne will keep a note of Jack Adams for future reference.  We managed to get a handyman in and he did a very good job on our tap and other bits.

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