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So the schools are closed, Sidford and Newton Poppleford are closed too due to flooding...  How is the chaos affecting you? 


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If they keep building more houses without knowing the area. The flooding will just become a yearly thing. 20 years ago when I first came here there was never a problem!
It would make a great deal of difference if the drainage systems were cleaned regularly, as they used to be. If the drainage ditches along the more rural roads were cleared or reinstated there would probably be less likelihood of land-slips.
Anne V inactive
Sounds like you two would be useful on the council... :)
Truly Scrumptious
I agree that the flooding will get worse the more the council concrete over the land. Also, people have less time or desire to use their gardens as nature intended. Instead, they have them paved, stoned or even Tarmac which will contribute to the flooding plus make our water bills higher.
Sidmouth Seagull inactive
Looking down at the Alexandria Industrial Estate from the road yesterday you realise how low lying that area is.  If they ever build a supermarket and car park in that area?????

We could not drive through Bulverton yesterday morning, the Fire Service were pumping water from the road near Bulverton Park uphill and they did a very good job.

The Fire Service were clearing debris from the road and drains.  The farm land is so saturated the water is just not being absorbed and the drains just can not cope.  This was also occurring on the road by Sidmouth Garden Centre.
Tell It As It Is inactive
You've just highlighted one of the major contributions to this flooding problem SS ............ it is the farmland (used and unused countryside) being so waterlogged that rain is running off the fields, coming up against drains blocked with leaves and flooding all over the roads. It has absolutely nothing to do with building houses or people concreting their gardens ......... the land is saturated and the problem won't go away until there is enough respite in the weather to allow the water to drain and soak away. I can understand, though, why people claim otherwise.
Pining Lass
Ummmm TIAII  the concrete stops the water soaking into the ground, creating the same effect as if it was saturated farmland, ie it has to run straight off.

This means that even when the ground isn't soaked, but is absorbing water and letting it out into the water table ready to absorb some more, the concreted areas and the areas which are covered with foundations and protected by roofs are just creating run off.

So, yes I agree that everything is very soggy at the moment and this is making the problem worse, but no I don't agree that having areas which can't absorb rain is irrelevant :-)
Truly Scrumptious
Bravo Pining Lass . I think some people who disagree with us may be in the building trade and thus want to support all the building projects to get short term wealth whilst destroying the town for us and all our descendants, including theirs.
Anne V inactive
Assuming they have descendants, TS...  It's a very good point you make here, I wonder how many members here have vested interest  (by that, I mean other than chatting about general community matters) in posting on a public forum -we've had the 'Anchor Inn-gate' but that person can hardly be the only one to think she could influence public opinion by infiltrating the forum.
Tell It As It Is inactive
I suppose it would be mainly truly local families that would have descendants that would "benefit" from your vision of Sidmouth TS. Of course there are many............... I would even say the majority................ who do not have descendants here, they have left them in Surrey, Birmingham and the Home Counties when they came here to retire and spend most their time writing to the council in an effort to maintain their retirement eutopia.
I've noticed on the news that reports of flooding incidents in the countryside far outweigh those in built up areas .................interesting.
Sidmouth Seagull inactive
Good point Tell It As It Is - where I saw flooding it was flowing from the farmland on to the roads.
Barnacle Bill
Infact 2 good points TIAII - most of the incoming retirees do not have descendants in Sidmouth and never will - the Donkey Sanctuary and other charities do very well out of them.
Tom Putt
Water flowing from farmland on to the roads:  'Back in the day', there were many more hedges in them there fields!
Truly Scrumptious
Wherever there are rivers and tributaries, there will be excessive flooding. Major cities which were extended in the last century, are not near rivers and have a fairly new drainage system. This is not true of London or major city towns over the generations where there is a risk of their sewage/ drainage systems collapsing. We are surrounded by water - from the River Sid, from the River Otter and by the sea which could be another source of flooding due to cliff-falls. Tom Putt has hit a truth as well. I believe the EU change our techniques of farming somewhile ago which may have increased our prospects of flooding.

My point about retired folk is they tend to come here and buy a house and do it up giving the building trade income and shops income. They then downsize to bungalow, more work for the building trade etc., gardeners and gardening centres as well as shops, having more disposable income. Then they may go into a wardened flat - more building industry work, cleaners hairdressers, chiropodists, dentists, opticians, car sellers, garages employed. Then they go into a home providing work for another set of the working population and finally they are buried, giving work to funeral directors, churches, cemeteries, solicitors. Finally, they provide income to auctioneers and yes they might give money to charities as well or their belongings which helps all of the populations. Throughout this cycle, the estate agents , the council and the building trade benefit. So I think they are a major support to Sidmouth and need to be heard plus we need the influx of retired folk choosing to come here because it is still a beautiful and desirable place to live.
Pining Lass
I agree about retirees TS, but tourist provide support to many of those trades too.

I believe that having to keep up standards in tourist accommodation (whether hotel, B&B or self-catering) keeps a lot of builders and decorators busy whereas maintenance in 'normal homes' tends to happen less often and with a lot of the work being done by the householder themselves if they are able-bodied.

I would like to see our skilled craftsmen who restore all the listed buildings provide demonstrations of their skills as tourist attractions. I am thinking along the lines of the small glass blowing studios where people can watch as glass is worked. I think people are fascinated by traditional skills, they certainly seem to stop and watch the thatchers at work.
Sidmouth Seagull inactive
I thought this was about Floods.

Going to Ottery today the water was coming off the field with mud. O.H says it is bring down the top soil and one of the reasons is how far the farmers cultivate the ground now.

The mud is going to block the drains - which increases the problems.

There were still people at the recycle centre.  The front in Sidmouth was deserted this afternoon.
Truly Scrumptious
Pining lass
I agree with you about the tourists too. It is equally important for tourism to be a vital part of Sidmouth otherwise the hotels will throw in the towel and sell their properties to developers, risking the loss of what makes Sidmouth a regency town plus even more modern apartment blocks for wealthy people on the front and on the Byes.

as to homes, retired people tend to want their homes to have the best of everything yet a great many do not know or are physically capable of decorating; gardening etc., and thus employ people either to do it for them or pave over their gardens - contributing to the runoff to the drains which can't cope in exceptional conditions, leading to flooding.

We live at the bottom of a road and are suffering tonight because of the water that is coming from our neighbours paved, stoned and Tarmac front gardens.

As to traditional skills, perhaps the drill hall could be used for what you are suggesting as well as other venues. People could run courses like the artists in the area are doing. I believe it is important to keep traditional skills alive and teach up and coming generations.
Tell It As It Is inactive
More rain to come tonight and tomorrow - more water to run off the saturated fields and breaching river banks.

People need to move with the times .................. Sidmouth is no longer a Regency town .......... hasn't been for a while now............. that term is simply part of a desperate PR package.
Truly Scrumptious
As long as we have regency hotels and buildings, we are a regency town - a title bequeath by the R oral Family. No-one can deny our heritage but some people just want to turn Sidmouth into a town like millions of others with nothing to encourage people to visit or shop here.
Sidmouth Seagull inactive
Hotels and shops provide employment.  When I am on holiday you browse round the shops because you have the time.

Turning Sidmouth from tourism to more residential is not going to provide work.
The people who live in Sidmouth with their parents - often have to move away because housing is so expensive.  The full circle is that I know of a lady in Westhill who wanted a carer - she had to wait, because it is so difficult to get anybody in that area.  

Fields would suffer if they close any more Hotels,  how many Fields bags do you see on the prom. with people heading back to their coach?
Years ago we were a fishing town and lace making - off I go and get my fishing rod!  Sidmouth has to provide housing for everyone - all ages.  If you build retirement flats, bungalows only - you are going to have greater demand on the Doctors etc.
Pining Lass
Regency is just a convenient tag because there were two periods of Regency when the Prince of Wales had to take over because of his father (George III) incapacity. There was then the period when Prinny was on the throne himself.
Stylistically 'Regency' occurs from when the Prince of Wales was old enough and rich enough to create a style of his own with help from architects and craftsmen through to the early years of Victoria. So I'm afraid Robert Crick is not entirely accurate. He also says it conjures up large scale development. No it doesn't, it was the Victorians who were part of the large scale building fraternity.
Having said that, it is true that there are also Victorian buildings in Sidmouth. However, Sidmouth has its own vernacular architecture and is not a clone of anywhere else. Even the buildings from the early 19th C are good examples of their type and we should be truly grateful that we have such a marvellous built environment.

The term Regency does not hold us back as no-one will expect that everything in the town is done in the way it was done in Regency times, it just indicates a link with a time when style and manners were considered important.

The style known as Regency is currently undergoing a resurgence so now would be a daft time to drop it! (and several more exclamation marks that streetlife won't let me add!)
Robin F inactive
Pining Lass, thanks, very interesting.
Tell It As It Is inactive
Might get a bit more rain today in the form of showers and then it looks as though we're in for a few days of bitter cold winds ........................... cold enough for ice skating in the fields I wonder?

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