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looking for somewhere to go for a sauna

does anyone know where there is a sauna  me and wife can go too,  in ipswich .somewhere relaxing 


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Isaac H
Most places I know of are all sports centres like next generation, which you have to pay for.. are you looking for somewhere free?
Shirley H
Clarice house do day offers look on website. Bramford was lovely. Ufford park also but we loved Bramford.
There used to be a sauna at Crown Pools so would think there still is. It's worth a phone call to find out as it will no doubt be cheaper than private places and you can just hop on a bus !
There used to be one at Holiday Inn, London Road - available for patrons.
Lunch, then a Sauna. How decadent!
They've still got the gym at the Holiday Inn so reckon the sauna will still be there too. Don't know if you have to be a member though.
Mark H inactive
hi  thanks for the information , i was hoping to find one in town, we are looking to join a gym aswell, we have been and looked at one in town as its handy to pop in to before or after work, but it hasnt a sauna ,,steam room or  hot tub to chill out in ,were not sure what to do, ??
Mark H inactive
does anyone know anything about the helsinki health spa ,  ive just had a message to have a look, ??????
Yes, I should google it if I were you Mark !!
Wendy A
The Belstead Brook Hotel has a small gym, sauna, steam room and swimming pool but is a bit pricey as monthly fee involved.
Karl H
But know Belstead brook, you can join in jan with no joining fee & No contract. contact them on ipswich 694270
Chris R
DW Fitness, Ranelagh Road has a fantastic steam room, pool, jacussi and gym - not far out of town and it's reasonable price

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