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Theatre tickets.

This is my first posting on street life.  I have 2 tickets for "The woman in black" at theatre royal norwich,  on Monday 11th February at 19.30.  They are front stalls row B seats 15 and 16. I am unwell, so cant go.
  I have seen the play 6 times and can highly recommend it, its very cleverly done and the suspense builds and builds.  If you have seen the film with Daniel Radcliffe you will find the play much more faithful to the book.  Parking for the theatre  is at the forum and costs under £2. for the evening. Then its just a short walk across the road. 


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Phil F
how much are you selling for?
David L
yeah how much are you looking to sell them for
Barbara A
face value of tickets £9.75 each. so would be happy to get that for each one. if you would like them do you have a contact number.?

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