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Looks like the young trees on the green along Birkfiield Drive have been kicked down!


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I live opposite these trees and have only once seen anyone from the Parks Dept. paying them any attention.  If trees are going to be planted on highways like this somebody should be assigned to checking on their condition regularly.  Such a waste of money otherwise.
We have had problems with children damaging / destroying trees on our estate. The last time it happened I called the council and they appeared within 24 hours and fixed the problem. They obviously haven't got the staff to trawl round the town checking everything regularly but they do seem to respond quickly if members of the public report a problem.
Peter B
The council also need to check on the very large old trees in Ransome Road and cut out or( preferably down ) the dead wood in these trees. After high winds there is normally some large pieces of the tree on the ground which could easily trip a person over or perhaps seriously injure a person if they were walking under the tree at the time, resulting in a compensation claim against the council.

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