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Another tower block and flat development planned for Ilford

A huge new development of more than 350 flats is planned for Ilford, including a 23-storey tower block that will dominate the skyline.

What does everyone think of another high-rise building in the town centre? And how will the hundreds of residents affect services and facilities?

Full story and pics on the Ilford Recorder


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Pam D
It's all totally barmy.  We are full up; overful actually and it's about time all this building stopped; it's certainly not enhancing our quality of life.

Have you noticed that in the last 10 years we have multiplied our population in Barking, Dagenham and Ilford and yet we now have 4 fewer hospitals and still they are taking services away from King George's and sending them to the dreaded Queen's.  It makes no sense whatsoever.

We all need to start speaking up.  Already the strange shaped skyscraper opposite Sainsburys dominates the skyline and can be seen for miles.  Are they trying to create New York in Ilford?

Barking's not much better.  They pledged some years ago not to build high and now we have the dreadful "Lemonade Building" in the centre of town!

It all has to stop.
Sean O
I thin this is welcome and will transfer the area along with Poineer Point

I thought I heard that Ilford station is to be developed with current front of station will be moved to back ant front will be a car park.

Remember these property developers plan 10 years ahead.
Ian L
I dread to think of Ilford in 10 years time.
Sean take a look at the cgi's..Do you really think that it will be clean and tidy like it is in those photos?
Barbara M
Well at least they are concentrating them all in one area at the end of the High Road. With Linton House etc at the other end.
Terry K
If they must build even more housing for Ilford's overstretched resources, why don't they build more car parks to accomodate them.  Perhaps If the developers are looking 10 years ahead. They must reckon that no one will be able to afford a car by then so they don't build car parks, which is great if Public Transport could cope.  What about the Medical services, I find it hard to get a Doctor's appointment these days, it will be impossible with even more people  in the borough and don't even get me started on reducing services at King George.  The whole situation is a farce.
Lizzie D
Councillors approved the 22 extra flats last night but added some new conditions e.g. making the outside of the blocks more uniform.

Story here:
Jill B
WE wouldn't want too many 23-storey blocks around but they do put Ilford on the map - I imagine they can be seen for many miles from other high buildings.  Can see the two where they Pioneer Market used to be from Seven Kings park.

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