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Great Shelford Post Office

L & G
in Trumpington
I have been somewhat surprised at recent Streetlife comments on the virtues of the ‘helpful’ husband and wife team at Great Shelford Post Office. This certainly does not reflect our views, or indeed many of our friends and associates. It seems that unless money is changing hands over the counter, the postmaster finds it difficult or even impossible to to be helpful or even polite. He is, in our opinion, extremely disingenuous, gushingly polite if he is being paid for a post office service, but extremely rude and dismissive if he isn’t. So many times in the past, we have witnessed his rudeness to other customers as well as to ourselves.

On a recent visit to Great Shelford Post Office to follow up two lost parcels and on the direct instructions from Royal Mail, the Post Master was clearly not willing to help and, as I was warned would be the case from other disgruntled customers, relinquished all responsibility. Not only was he unwilling to assist but was extremely rude and dismissive to the point of walking past me to serve someone else whilst I was still talking to him.

Many people are now travelling to Sawston Post Office in preference to Shelford because of the attitude of the proprietors and we will be joining them. These unpleasant people are increasingly losing custom, which is something they can ill afford to do. They are in fact so unhelpful and sarcastic that I find it completely baffling to read of positive comments regarding their treatment of customers. I would warn these good folk not to hold their breath on consistency.