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I have a laptop that is not working as it should also two external hard drives that don't work any body out there who can help don't fancy paying shop repair prices


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S here
I can see from where you are coming as regards to shop prices but have you tried penny lane computers, tell them what the problem is and they will give you a price there and then, it may also surprise you to find out that you can also buy second hand lap tops from there for as little as £140-00, my family and I have been buying lap tops from this shop since 2000 five in all and have found that the personal attention that one receieves is spot on, not like the big shops, hope this have been of help to you.
John B
now retired and cheep i will loook at them for nothing but any parts must be paid for as i dont run a charity can test the hard drives and re load the laptop if necessary

A bottle of scotch isa fair trade do you think.

away for a fwe days so let me know asap but it will nor be untill after 4 th feb
John B
sorry about the spelling now after midnight have been working on my network and tired.

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