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so sad to see this building fall into more dis-repair ...does anyone know what s happening to it?
I'm with Heart space


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Liz F
A lot of talk but not much action. An application for European funding was rejected so I guess they have gone back to the drawing board....
I'm with Liz Flynn MAR
Ann P
They're hoping to involve the whole community in the project and are putting a lot of effort into finding backers and support.  My family bought a block of shares and have been assured that the money raised has not been touched yet.  If I may say so, I suspect that Roy and his merry band came off the starter's block a tad too soon.  I understand they're going to issue some more shares this year, but if the enthusiasm has waned I suspect they will be difficult to sell.
Roger G
I gather that the cost of renovations was found to be double the original estimate so they've had to rethink their funding strategy.
Liz F
Yes I am afraid public support will wane unless something gets started's a great project and I hope they get a break soon.
I'm with Liz Flynn MAR
Angie G
The madness is that the building is in bad shape simply because its been sat unused for so long...if some plans had been in place sooner the renovation costs would have been sadly its looking like it will be more retirement flats...which i dont have a problem with but it could be so much more..a vibrant local creative space for us all....
I'm with Heart space
Nick M
Rather than see it get like this, I'd rather Premier Inn had gone there instead of ignoring everybody's desires and replacing Elizabeth Hall.
Maureen L
As reported in The Exmouth Journal on 31st Jan. the Rolle College cash bid to the EU was rejected.  The saga of Rolle goes on mainly because the costs of purchase and recommissioning this building has reached nearly £6mn!  I think Nick might be right and this could be a good spot to put a Premier Inn.  It has good parking and I don't  think it's that important for it to be on the seafront.
While I am not against a short-stay hotel like Premier coming to Exmouth I think Elizabeth Hall should be retained as an important part of our heritage although I do admit it needs a lot of work to restore it to better use.   The Journal this week gives a good outline from the consultation on what people think of the Splash proposals.  109 were opposed to a hotel in Area 4 
while 63 supported it but with conditions related to it  surroundings, height and design.

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