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Has anyone tried the leg of lamb, 1.5kg £7.95 from Farmfoods, we are thinking of trying it for a family Sunday dinner, did it cook and taste OK.
I would appricate any comments.


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Ken B

Have bought them quite a few times, great with a coating of honey and herbs or Rosemary and garlic. Just a shame we haven't got a Farmfoods in Lowestoft.
Ian F
We have bought themseveral time really good value. Taste great.
i sometimes go to farm foods because of the birds eye and burnard mathuews stuff they sell, i have tried farm foods beef grillstaks and when cooking they started bleeding blood so thew them away
Keith P
Farmfoods show a whole leg of lamb in their advert for this product when in fact what they are selling is a lamb leg joint   i.e. part of a leg. 
Keith P
S S  Believe it or not beef does contain blood, would you throw a steak away for the same reason ?
Matthew G
No, meat does not contain blood.  You only have to look at a chicken breast to see that.

Red meats contain a high quantity of myoglobin (it's what makes them red).  The red juice you see coming out of a steak is just water already present in the meat, with myglobin dissolved in it.

In any case it's definitely not a bad thing - quite the reverse in fact as it points to a juicy cut of meat.  Yum.
Bill T inactive
LOL  S.S  you chop your leg off does that contain blood?? well a beefburger made from a cow also contains blood thats what makes it tasty :)
Keith P
Matthew G about an hour ago No, meat does not contain blood

You learn something every day, thanks for the info Mathew G

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