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Lowestoft East Coast Cinema

I love going to the cinema when i go to see a film i like the look of and i like going to this one. Over the years less and less adults seem to be going anymore which makes the cinema give priority to 12A rated films and under, over 15 and 18 rated films. How can a local cinema like this attract more adults so they can afford to play more 15-18 rated films?


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Alison J
I think if they offer more deals on the late night showings - like 2-4-1 on tickets, deals on snacks, how about a night where they let you sit and have a glass of wine - now that would be good!

I've not been to this cinema but intend to as it's not far from me.
Like the other big chain cinemas they do orange wednesdays. The purple privilege card makes a ticket £5.49 each. i think they do a child combo thing (popcorn and drink). Wine. Lovely idea. Unfortunately they would need an expensive licence. How about the nearest pub giving a free drink afterwards?
Lilian O
To be honest Lee I don't think people can afford it now.  By the time they have found somewhere to park, bought the popcorn/sweets/drink etc. then paid for their  tickets, it can work out quite expensive for two when they can pay on one of the websites to get DVD's of their choice sent to them each month, for the same or cheaper amount and stay in the warm to watch them.

Things were different years ago when the cinema or theatre was always regarded as a special treat and thoroughly enjoyed.   Nowadays you can get films on your phone, on your computer etc. and not have to go out.
Parking is free after 6pm. i hear you about the treats. i always just have have a hot drink there (i'm avoiding junk anyway). As for staying in and watching them on DVD i only have a 14" CRT television so i enjoy the big screen and sound experience even more. i cannot afford a large television, surround sound, one of those iphones or my own computer (this one is borrowed). You make a good point Lilian. That's probably why i enjoy it so much. i don't have have all the gadgets lol.
Lilian O
Point taken Lee and If I have offended  you or anyone else with my remarks I do sincerely apologise.
Don't worry. You have not offended me in any way Lilian.
Roy M
I tend to think cinema's in general are a rip off. Sweets, Popcorn Ice creams are all over priced. When I was young, we watched  a " B" film. a Newsreal. Cartoons. Adverts.Trailers of what was on the following week. Then the "A" film and we could remain in there for a repeat performance. and the price's were reasonable. Some times I would go 3 or 4 times a week.Happy days.The last film I saw was Titanic at Norwich. If I never go again I wont be sorry.
Most have already said this, so I can only go with the flow.
Cinema for yourself only, in you live close enough to walk, works out roughly the same price as hiring a DVD.
Many people nowadays have massive TV sets at home, so the cinema experience, whilst better, I will agree, is not all that different.
The trouble with the cinema is the hassle of having to drive to it, park your car, walk to the cinema, buy your tickets, get a seat, endure people eating the loudest food they can find, having someone big in front of you blocking your view, have giggly teenagers or lovers making their respective noises, then having to walk to where you parked the car & drive home.
In short, going to the cinema is a pretty big event.  And if you're going as a family the costs can really mount up.  Given the quality of modern TV/video/DVD and the choice available many people will feel they can't be botherered to spend 4 times as much to do something that takes twice as long as seeing the film at home.  At home you can have the eats & drinks you want & not pay the stupid cinema food prices.  If anyone still smokes in their own homes they can do that too.
The cinema is nice, but I've often been really annoyed by al the eating noises & rustling sweet packets, sometimes to the point where the benefits of the big screen have been cancelled out by the negatives.
I might still go to the cinema as a special event, but normally I'll think for the price of watching a film once I can buy the DVD or video for a fraction of the price & then be able to watch it whenever I want.  With charity shops virtually giving videos away these days you can sometimes get a good film for 10p.
The last film I saw was also Titanic, Roy, it was the 3D version, & the 3D wasn't worth all the hype.  Yes, it was novel, but I can see why 3D cinema never really caught on.
If I'm ever rich I may revise my views, but being on a very tight budget these days it's often best just to flick through the 100 or so channels available on Freeview.
i guess thats another reason why i enjoy the cinema scorpio. i don't rent DVDs. if i like the film i see at the cinema i buy it when it drops in price on DVD. Cinema etiquette will improve if more adults go. Agree about noisy foods. They need to be banned. So whats the solution guys? What would bring you back to the cinema?
Roy M
Nothing would bring me back. I like the old family films when they had real actors, not the present Bang,Bang, and everything blows up. I link my laptop into our television. and watch. Free films online. The old black and white comedies. Abbot and Costello. Newsreels. Documentaries etc. nothing better than to sit in my armchair, cup-o-tea, bit of cake, bar of chocolate. Great. Cinema's to day, not for me, they can have um.
David M
Two things attract adults to the entertainment industry, loyalty rewards & special offers. Adults are less likely to take the time to research which films are running, they are easily drawn in when film times, special offers & reasons to come are communicated to them. Think about restaurants, bowling venues & theatre showings, they all find the adults, tell them what they are doing and hook them in with a special offer. Once the service has been used, they are able to bring them back numerous times with loyalty rewards.
Roy M
Sorry David, not me. A special offer encourage's a person to go and try somewhere new. ie Restaurant. if your offered £2 off a £12 meal, and the meal is rubbish, I've not saved £2 I've wasted £10. Regardless wether or not they offered me a loyalty card, I would'nt go back.
Love the idea of people popping in to see a film not knowing what it's about David. So if east coast cinema created a cinema premier club card (see 2 premier films, see 1 free!?) is that something which would bring adults back do you think?
i'm intrigued roy. Why did you see titanic when you clearly dislike modern film?
Roy M
My son took my wife and I to show us and explain the digital way they make film's today. That was enough for me. I stiil prefer the oldies.
I take the children to Kids club at East Coast Cinema, it's on Saturday & Sunday mornings at 11am and it's only £1 each. They now do deals on snack boxes with a drink which are really resonable. Great to see they are doing as much as possible to encourage custom.
Thats great but where are the deals for adults and action films? They failed to show Safe, The Raid and this year they are not showing End Of Watch and The Man With The Iron Fists. Does anybody know where they are playing The Man With The Iron Fists in Suffolk/Norfolk? if you are going to see this can i tag along?

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