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Video: Felixstowe cinema to go 3D early 2013

Felixstowe's Palace cinema is due to install brand new digital cinema equipment early in 2013, which will enable one screen to project full 3D films.


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Emma E inactive
I enjoy going to this cinema,I only wish they would install a small lift so people who can't used the stairs can go and enjoy the films.i know when the kings speech came on some had to go to Ipswich. The staff at the palace are so nice,and when you get your ticket you can order drinks and food and its given to you while you relax watching the film.
Christine B
yes i love our cinema
Stick of Rock
I love our local cinema but the prices have crept up quite a lot, it was £3.50 for an adult when I moved here 4 years ago, I suppose the prices will go up again when they install 3D.

Still, we are lucky for such a small town to have such a brilliant cinema so I don't mind too much, I do wish they would do daytime showings though so I can actually go and see some non PG films for a change, as I don't have any childcare for my 7 yr old in the evenings so can't go if I can't take her with me.
Christine B
In Brighton one of the cinemas offers a special "oldies" deal (that is not what they call it but it is aimed mainly at the retired). There they serve coffee and a biscuit and a cinema ticket for about £4.
Also don't forget Orange wednesdays where it is buy one get one free if you are an Orange customer. I too like the town cinema and use it often
Marc T inactive
The problem with Orange Wednesday is that the audience is GUARANTEED to have their mobile phones on ...
Tom C inactive
Went to our cinema last night to see the quartet, cost me and my wife 5and a half quid each, we are both OAPS , we thought it a bit steep , but people have to make a living , as we all know the cost of it rises every day ! So when we can't afford it we won't go again! Still everything appears on Telly even if we have to wait 300 yrs for it !!!
Emma E inactive
It is expensive at the cinema,you can sit and watch a film and only half dozen others watching with you. Bring the cost down and fill the seats.i feel sorry for the young ones when starting to court each other ? Years ago you would go to the cinema kiss and cuddle on the back row .honest not point the kids can't afford those prices with no work around.
Marc T inactive
With respect Emma, the days of "kissing in the back row of the movies" are well gone.  Hell, I didn't do that, even back in the 70s.  My (future) wife and I went to watch the film, not to snog in the back row!
Emma E inactive
To be honest I didn't go to snog,my point was kids can't afford to go to cinemas these days but just added rest for bit of fun.can I ask what age in the 70s?
Marc T inactive
I went into the 70's a 14 year old schoolboy, and came out a married man.  The cinema was important in those days - my first date with my wife was to see Star Wars!
I live Felixstowe cinema... Having lived here 30 years and now with 2 teenage children we always use it!
£5:50 is not expensive at all... Have you seen the price of cineworld in Ipswich? Absolutely shocking! They do daytime showings also!
Where else can you order cheesy chips and a cup of tea and have it brought to you whilst watching a film. We need to carry on supporting the local cinema, it's one of the only things still going in Felixstowe!!
Tim S inactive
Viv Warren, who manages the Palace, says that despite the extra costs of installing new equipment, she'll keep the prices below the Ipswich prices.

But Tom C - £5.50 for a night out isn't expensive by any measure! It's one and a half pints of beer, which you only rent, and you come away having been entertained, rather than just being irrigated . . .
Sharon K
if we don't support our Cinema it will get closed Just like The Spa our lovely Theatre which shut its doors yesterday.
Marc T inactive
With respect, why should we "support" a business that doesn't provide what we need?  Cinemas and theatres should be able to sustain themselves by supplying what their customers demand.  A failure to satisfy that demand, or to create a demand will result in the failure of that business and resultant closure.

I can't think of a valid reason for supporting lame duck businesses.
Stick of Rock
I think the reason the Spa has closed is because the 'shows' they put on there were mostly dire but still cost a fortune.

Honestly, weird, unheard of tribute acts and dreadful AmDram???

I love the theatre but I'm not going to spent £20 on a ticket to see something that would make me want to ram sticks in my eyes just because it's my local theatre.
Marc T inactive
I'm with you SoR.  There's plenty of things that could attract locals - I would have thought bands from the 60s and 70s who are still touring, and modern musicals (Grease, Mama Mia etc) would bring in the crowds.  They could even show movies - Sound of Music and Rocky Horror Show always attract huge cult audiences.

But it's too late now.  

By being precious about their shows, they've priced themselves out of business.
Emma E inactive
Went to cinema 5.00 matinee £5.00 watched the quartet.great. 9 of us went all friends.
Nick W
How theatres price tickets is principally driven by what the act charges divided by (guesswork) anticipated bums on seats.  I think some of the problem lies much more in acts charging over the top fees for the public to have the dubious privilege of watching them.

I find it odd that people cannot find (say) £10 for a theatre seat, yet will find £300 for the latest iPad, or be willing to pay 40 to 80 pounds for tickets to see some current live band at the Regent.  On the rare occasion that I have gone to one of those, all you get is the entire audience singing every word of every song at the tops of their voices to prove they know all the words.. like sycophants.  So you don't even get to enjoy watching and listening to your favourite band having paid that price.  I find that totally unenjoyable.

As for local am-dram, most of it is pretty good, but without it, you would never get the stars of tomorrow.  Live theatre, whether musicals or plays is big business all over the World.  Unless the Mama Mia's of the World start touring, we will always get local productions, but isn't that part of local life?  Community?

Back to the cinema... £5.50 a head for a night out with free car parking sounds dead cheap to me.  Not a very regular cinema goer, but even with my home cinema and surround sound, it isn't the same as actually going to the cinema, even if only to get irritated by the idiot in the row in font texting all the way through the film.

All I can say is well done Palace Cinema for having the foresight to keep up with technology and offer a quality local experience at a very reasonable price.
Marc T inactive
To be fair Nick, is it case of people not being able to find £10 for a theatre ticket, or not being prepared to spend £10 on something they aren't interested in.

In terms of "cost per hour" of entertainment, an iPad represents much better value than a theatre ticket.  (But then a Kindle Fire is better value still ...)
Nick W
well I work in IT and have no choice but to sit in front of several screens all working day.  Nothing I want to do less than spend the evenings and weekends glued to yet another device.

People need to get out and get some air.  We are in danger (here starts a whole new subject) of having a nation that can only use pads and phones etc, and won't be able to write or talk.

I saw on the news a school oop north had not only provided every pupil with iPads but even have a faceless reception iPad for visitors to sign in on.  We are the most versatile species on the planet yet we want to want to become unable to comunicate if we dont have ourselves attached to some sort of device.  No, I am definitely NOT a luddite.  I actually do embrace the technology.

But for those who can afford an iPad but can't afford a ten pound theatre seat, I have nothing to say.

Just saying...
Matthew G
Nick W it's called progress.  I expect the stone masons were all horrified at the decline in chiselling skills brought about by the invention of the reed pen and papyrus, but the world seems to have survived just fine.  How is this any different?
Nick W
hey Matthew.. that's a little unfair and uncalled for.

If you read what I said... I am well up to date and no luddite and nwork in IT at a very up to date level.  I have nothing against iPads or phones.  I have the latest iPhone5 even... AND I use its features.  So please don't make comparisons about quill pens.  My point was, as you can read, far more about people complaining about paying £5.50 to see a movie (against a lot more plus petrol to go to Ipswich), yet finding money for things like iPads

I also have the latest 7:1 cinema system and huge screen... no luddite there either.  I love technology.

Why do these conversations that start off light, always end up in unpleasantness?

Just saying...  :o)
Matthew G
In my experience it usually happens when someone reveals how small-minded they are, for example by judging those whose interests, priorities and values are different than their own by suggesting that people who prefer to spend their money on iPads rather than theatre tickets are making the "wrong" choice!
Marc T inactive
It's a fair point Matthew.  Maybe Nick expressed himself badly, but like you, I got the impression that he was condemning people for not going to the theatre whilst buying iPads.

As I said earlier,  it's a choice thing.  I'd rather spend £300 on something I want than £10 on something I don't.

(Having said that, I can't see the point of spending £300 on an iPad to gain 3.7% extra shininess over my Android tablet ...)
Nick W
Well, you all missed my point, which I had thought was expressed perfectly well.  It was supposed to be a generalisation and not specific to iPads (or Android tablets)

My point was and is, that we find money for things that are a priority for us, and often complain about the cost of things that are not.  Whether it is smoking, drinking, buying iPads, eating out, holidays or cars.

We are all different and have different values and priorities (at least, those with any disposable income at all).

On person will find £5.50 for a cinema seat expensive, and another cheap.

We are privileged in Felixstowe that a private operator runs a cinema.  Few smaller towns now have them and everyone has to travel to big complexes like CineWorld in Ipswich (nice though it is).

So we should embrace it and use it, before we find ourselves writing posts about yet another empty building.  I now have to admit that I am guilty of not using it as much as I should; a matter which I will address this year.

Apologies to anyone who is offended by my opinions, or finds me hard to understand.  I only seek to enjoy local opinion and have the occasional banter.  We are all individuals.

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