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Car vandalism at Canvey Island.

Linda H in Barking
Last Saturday night the house next door but one to my sister was found to be a cannabis growing farm, she said there was two police cars, dog handler unit, ambulance, a paramedic, and a riot van there.  Yet on Monday morning when she went out to her car to find the front windscreen  smashed in and her wing mirrors broken off and the same had been done to her neighbours work van the police said it was not worth coming out, although they did eventually come round and take some photos. My sister works hard for what she has and is treated like a piece of s--t, pays her dues to be told its not worth coming out, she was livid and disgusted, and they did not even arrest any one for growing the cannabis, as when they got in the house there was just a dog in there, perhaps they arrested that!!

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