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TfL river crossing consultation: Should Blackwall Tunnel be tolled? What new river crossings should we have? Ends 1st Feb

TfL are running a consultation on river crossings between East and Southeast London.  You can fill it out on

One of the questions is about whether the Blackwall Tunnel and new crossings should be tolled to pay for the new crossings. Rotherhithe tunnel and Tower Bridge would remain free.

Personally I think it is wrong to be charging people in the poorer end of town, it is a tax on historical underinvestment.  I'm pretty sure the bridges further west don't maintain and paint themselves.  Either charge for all of them or charge for none of them.


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Fred B
I am against a new river crossing East of the Blackwall tunnel. My reason for saying this is.I KNOW that should they build a bridge on or near Beckton/ Tescos, as was proposed and stopped The roads on and around Beckton through to Canning town down the Silver town way are going to be grid locked. You will get all the traffic from  Essex coming down the A13 which is bad enough on a good day.Then consider a new bridge East of the Blackwall. I ask you which will be the quickest route to the city.? (Look at a map).from the A2// A20.?  Around by the Rotherhithe or up to Tower bridge .No. it will be by the new bridge, this means all the traffic off the A2 then a good percentage off the M-/-A 20 mix with the cars from Essex.What fun getting around Newham in the so called rush hour then. (Get my drift) Please do not Toll the Blackwall. First there is not enough room to put toll booths on the road. Cars in the morning back up to the Sun in the sands roundabout nearly two miles of slow moving traffic Night backed up to Bow flyover.Are they having a laugh. Or trying to force folk to use the expensive public transport system My case rests or I get the f out befor it all kicks off.
Como Contracts Ltd
Either way the new tunnel is going to come, they will utilize the tunnel boring machine or TBM that forming the tunnels for the crossrail. These machine costs millions so why not send it on a little diversion and save millions.
Fred B
Doubt if the Highways agency can afford to lend lease or buy a TBM.Looking at the amount of pot holes up and down our motorways.They can not afford to sort them out..

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