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Bus Shelters

Glen C in Belstead
work is due to start to replace a small number of old worn out bus shelters with new replacements across the town inc one in Stoke Park ward on Mallard Way. Where possible the new bus shelters will be more enclosed in order to offer better protection against bad weather. We will also be carrying out some other small scale improvements to some of the bus stops at the same time (e.g. increasing the size of the hard standing at the bus stop).

The works are due to start next week (Monday 4th February) to remove the existing shelters, with the new replacement shelters due to be installed the following week (w/c Monday 11th February). As such, there will be a few days when the bus stops in question are without a shelter which is necessary in order to ensure that the old shelter is removed before our shelter supplier arrives to install the replacement.

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