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Lottery funding the spa gardens

Richard L in Falkenham
I read in the Evening star today, that Doreen savage and Andy Smith are hoping to appoint the contractors to rejuvenate that gardens by April, this year.

All fine, but what happens once the gardens have been rejuvenated etc?

Who is going to look after them, and keep the, in top top condition that they will be handed over to us? We have seen a decline in the gardens over the past few years , more and more, sycamore trees, brambles, weeds etc, apart from any sweeping and cleaning of the path ways and steps etc. so once we have these new gardens etc, who is caring for them? Or is it a case that in say another 5 or 10 years we will be back to square one again, with run down gardens and very little maintenance?

Also on the subject , why do we need a shelter in the gardens beside the town hall? We had a shelter here some years ago, which went into decline and was eventually knocked down? So why put one back again? Surely the money could have been spent else where?

Maybe Doreen or Andy can let us know their thoughts on this?

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