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Do you think you could provide information to oilder peopel to help them remain independent
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Pam T
what sort of information?
Ken J
Do you think you could spell the question correctly ?
Pat W
Fen Nav has not been back to answer Pam T's question. That's not a good start to get people on board to support his/her cause.
Fen Nav inactive
Hi Pat & others
information could be straightforward like where's the nearest lunch club or over 60s group or it could be more complex such as what equipment is available to help with disabilities or information around benefits. Hope this helps. Please get in touch at
Pam T
but that information is freely available at the library. Not sure why people need to volunteer to do it?
Marian E
not everyone can get to the library i am agrophobic  , although i do get out and about these days ,i need to be able to park right by the place that i am visiting which in the case of wisbech library  is not always possible . I would love to visit but only went when the library was temporarily re housed .
Fen Nav inactive
Thank you Marion. This just reassures me that the need is there to provide locally based community navigators. Volunteers required to work in your own local area to support others. Please get in touch here or at

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