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Another illuminating ATM?

Looks as though there is a planning application in for Lloyds Bank to light up their side of the street ..................... the Sidmouth Posse need to saddle up!


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Tell It As It Is inactive
True ........ I don't spend all of my time trawling the planning applications so have only just leant of this ....... anyway not much else going on is there?
I do not see the problem with this ? If this site is to attract new custom we need to appear positive and upbeat not the opposite. Not one for the Posse me thinks. Far more important issues about. Come on lighten up Spring is here :)
..... and if they give you a headache looking at them as has been said in the past then stop staring at them !
Tell It As It Is inactive
Hey Phil ............. I'm with you!
Application refused!
What a shame. In the great scheme of things does it really matter ? Me thinks not. What can they focus their minds on next. The bind boggles ,,,
Pining Lass
Why is it a shame Phil?

Democratic process, with reference to the rules of the conservation area, stops unnecessary change which has a large effect on the night-time 'street scene'. Surely this is a positive not negative thing?

Change for changes sake should be seriously questioned ..... and no ..... I don't mean like the Spanish Inquisition :-)

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